August Transition

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(This post was written by Mia Hannahs, PromiseKids Director)

August is a bittersweet time in preschool ministry.  Sweet because we see how our five-year-olds have grown and blossomed. Bitter because it is time to wave farewell as they enter a new chapter in children’s ministry.

However, this year our transition was better than ever been before. Why? Because our fpKids Team was intentional about these three things:

1.  Preparing upcoming Kindergartners. We began talking about the transition prior to the big move. Volunteers cheered them. We rejoiced in the fact that they are going to be a part of some exciting things upstairs in Kindergarten. We let them know that upstairs would be different, but it would be good!  To show them, the week before the transition, our teachers traveled upstairs with the children to take a peek at their new “church.”

2.  Partnering with the parents. We offered a parent meeting for parents of rising kindergartners. We want every parent to know that we care about their child, and we want to walk beside them.

Gina McClain, our Children’s Director, talked with parents about making family time a priority in the home. She inspired parents to visualize the end. What dreams do you have for your child? What type of character do you hope they embody?

Next, I reminded parents about the spiritual foundation that occurs in the preschool years. Our Preschool Ministry has reiterated these basic truths to your children:

  • God Made Me
  • God Loves Me
  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever

These spiritual truths laid a foundation for what they will experience in their elementary years.

Kandice Baker, our fpKids Elementary Coordinator, shared information about the elementary curriculum. During the elementary years, fpKids will learn:

  • I need to make the wise choice
  • I can trust God
  • Jesus wants to be my forever friend

She talked about the importance of being involved. She introduced parents to the God Time Cards and Refrigerator Door Page. These elements help make it easy to be involved in what is happening at fpKids.  We closed out our time together by walking the children and their parents through the Kindergarten environments.

3.  Celebrating with volunteers. Preschool teachers should celebrate! They have played a significant role in forming the spiritual development of our five-year-olds. When they taught them that “God made them”- they learned that God is the Creator. They taught them that “God loves them”… and they saw that God is our Father. They voiced how “Jesus wants to be their friend” in hopes that one day, each child that was listening would one day accept Him as their Savior.

Now THAT deserves a serious high five!