Praise Him in the Storm

(This post was written by Jaclyn Holloway, Assistant to the Worship and Creative Arts Director)

Praise Him in the Storm

I heard a great quote during small group that really made me think differently about my life. “If life was problem free, we would live a life of boredom.” Every day I always think, gosh life would be so much easier if I had more money. And then there are times when life goes haywire and it seems like nothing is going right.

I remember being a senior in high school and waking up to the phone call that made the hairs on my arm stand straight up. My mother had been in a serious car wreck and was being transported to the hospital. Thankfully she lived but she was left disabled with a severe brain injury.

I remember being furious at God. Mainly because the girl that ran the red light got off scott free and of course had no insurance, but also because my mother was a saint in my eyes and didn’t deserve to end up in the condition she was in. It was heartbreaking to watch my once extremely independent, strong and confident mother who ruled the corporate world instantly become so helpless, weak and depressed from her condition. She couldn’t remember things I told her just hours ago, she couldn’t be in a loud room, and I even had to help her walk to and from the bathroom. My life was anything but boring and dull back then and I was doing everything but praising God in my storm.

But looking back I see how God uses our problems to help grow us. Before the accident I was a typical self-centered high school senior thinking that the world revolved around me and my needs and wants. After the accident I was focused on helping my mom and nursing her back to health. My eyes were then opened to a world of suffering around me that I was blind to before.

God used this awful situation to grow me and I would not be the person I am today if I didn’t have to go through it.  So without trials and tribulations our lives would not only be dull, but they would also be stagnant and we would never flourish into our true potential of what God created us to be. So from now on, when I see that I am going through a problem or hard time, I thank God for the opportunity to grow and I continue to “Praise Him in this storm.”

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