Volunteers Make A Difference

I remember the first time we visited Faith Promise.  Mike and I really liked it…. loved the worship…. loved Pastor Chris’ message and dynamic presentation.  Those were both great.  But the biggest deciding factor for our family as to whether FPC was even a consideration was the kid’s ministry.  We had four kids in children’s ministry when we came… and they have some pretty high standards for kid’s ministry. For them to even think about them coming back, we’d have to hear: 


  • “that was so much fun” (I know they truly enjoyed it)
  • “fun songs” (kid talk for Kid-style, upbeat worship)
  • “nice leaders” (they met leaders who accepted them and made them feel special)
  • “so cool” (which meant they played whacky games, they made friends and experienced relevant activities with a great story about Jesus.. taught in a way that engaged them on their level)


After service we met in the lobby and of course we asked the dreaded question “How did you like it?”  But this time I had a different response.  Instead of “it’s not our old church” or “I DO NOT want to come back!” we received a much different response…..“This is the church!  When can we come again? My teacher was so nice and said she was so glad we came today and she can’t wait to see me again next week. I want to come back here again so let’s not go visit anywhere else! We did this crazy game about John the Baptist and here’s what we did…..” 


As the North Campus Kids Director, I can’t wait to hear similar stories from families at that campus: kids who may walk in apprehensive but leave excited and ready to come again.  And the best thing is that none of that is about me.  Yes, I will be there.  Yes, Mike and I (and hopefully a boatload of volunteers!) will all work to get the campus up and running and it will be fabulous.  But you see, none of that’s about me.  It’s about Jesus and the people He will work through at the North Campus.  I cannot wait to see new families from the North Knoxville community who decide to make Faith Promise their church home.

And I can’t wait to meet the volunteers who will be serving there, because I know it’s the volunteers who made a difference in my family.



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