Believing in Him or Believing Him?

“See, I am doing a new thing!” “I am working all things together for good, because you love me and are called according to my purpose.” “All things are possible to [him/her] who believes.”

– (Isa. 43:19; Rom. 8:28; Mark 9:23)


I am grateful for my spiritual heritage and having been brought up in a Godly home as well as being in church all my life.  But sometimes, even being immersed by reading the Word and hearing the Word all my life, I still do not always LIVE the Word. One of the things God is doing in my life is transforming me to not just believing in Him but to BELIEVE Him. I want to rely on the power of His Words and live like they are true no matter what my feelings or situation tells me. I recently read a quote that I have repeated to myself quite often, “God’s love is perfect so I don’t have to be.” God pursues me and accepts me even though I am flawed.  I have to move beyond knowing about God to RELYING on Him with my whole heart, mind, and soul. So when I feel insecure or insignificant, or unsure of my next steps, I ask God to remind me of His perfect love that has the power to cast out my fear.  See, until God’s love is enough, nothing else will be. I have to focus on His strengths instead of my weaknesses. One thing I know is that God calls us beyond our limitations to do something that requires faith. When we doubt God’s promises it makes it hard to trust God’s heart. That is why it is crucial to be in the Word every day, memorize it, and speak His promises out loud to remind myself that He loves me and what He says is true. Walking with God consistently is about trusting and following Him in my thoughts and actions.  My faith is not about my performance but my dependence on Him. So today I am going to be intentional not to just believe in God but to BELIEVE HIM. Remember…He loves you too.


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