New Women’s Celebrate Growth Group on Monday Nights, 6:00pm at the Pellissippi Campus

New Emotional Management Women’s Group starting Monday May 14 @ 6:00 pm.

Join us at Celebrate on Monday nights at 6:00pm for this new Women’s Celebrate Growth Group study led by Luana Blanton.

Ladies you don’t have to let anger control you.

Many things in life can make us give in to angry feelings: relationships gone bad, cross words between friends, difficulties with our parents, frustration with our children. But lingering anger usually hurts the one feeling it more than anyone else.

You can overcome your anger and use it positively in your life. In this group, we’ll learn to:
•accept the truth of your anger
•examine where it comes from
•be honest about how you use it
•be open to change
•be willing to forgive–even yourself
•be willing to feel something besides your anger

We also focus on other emotions as well such as shame and guilt. We discuss self-talk and how that effects our emotions, the use of “I” statements, and negative barriers to good communication. Other topics include perfectionism, forgiveness of others and ourselves, and making healthy choices in nutrition.

In addition to “Every Woman’s Guide to a Managing Your Anger, the facilitated discussion draws on materials from Joyce Meyers, “Healing Damaged Emotions” by David Seamands, Andy Stanley’s ” Enemies of the Heart”, and
“Prayer Portions”.

This New Emotional Management Group can help you face your anger issues, move beyond them, and live the life you were meant to live.

Celebrate on Monday nights starts at 6:00pm with great food, then a time of awesome worship and a challenging message from a variety of engaging speakers, such as our very own Chad Funk the leader of our fp Celebrate Ministry. Following our corporate time together we have several Celebrate Recovery and Celebrate Growth Groups for you to plug into to be ministered to and help you navigate your next steps toward growth and in your walk with God.

Celebrate is a vital part of the Groups Ministry here at Faith Promise Church. As with all of our groups, we focus on creating environments where people Encounter God, Embrace Others, and Engage the World Around Us.


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