Yesterday’s Breakfast Today

Sometimes left overs are just easier – most people agree. It’s easier to reheat last night’s dinner than cook for an hour and a half to eat fresh food tonight. Left overs are easier. They may not taste, smell, or look as good as the first time, but they’re enough! What if we stopped living our walk with Christ like leftovers were enough? Let’s think about the miracles God does. Let’s even step away from the traditional everyday stuff like breath, sight, smell, the fact that you’re just the right distance from the sun that you don’t roast and you don’t freeze. Let’s look at some miracles that look like cornerstones in your walk:

The moments in your life you’re really growing or seeing God move.

The time God provided that check out of nowhere.

He gave you a dream when you didn’t think you could.

Restoration He’s brought to your family or your marriage.

Physical healing when the doctors said it couldn’t happen.

Get the picture? Cornerstone moments – the ones that inspire you to the point where you think you could burst! What happens after the miracle? After all, you can’t stay on the mountain top forever. I’ve notice that for most of us, we end up in the “rut” living off of the motivation and teaching from a miracle that’s already come, gone, and grown mold. Are you living off of what God did yesterday? Today is a new day! God wants to reveal Himself to you in a new way. And yes, it will require you to go deeper and sacrifice more – but have you ever been disappointed by what God called you to? Me neither. So don’t eat leftovers – start fresh today with the anointing and favor God has given to you as His child.

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