Lessons from Jonah

Recently in my reading the Bible in year plan, I was in the book of Jonah.  Even as a child, I remember the story of Jonah and the whale so it was very familiar to me.  However, on this day and amidst my current journey with the Lord, so many things leapt from the page that morning.

  1. While the Lord is pursuing us and waiting on us to follow His will and plan – we may very well find ourselves in a STINKY, UNCOMFORTABLE, LESS THAN OUR IDEAL situation (i.e. the belly of a whale).
  2.  When we’re in the “belly of the whale” is when we often realize God’s mercies – how undeserving & unworthy we are and that He is our only hope. Our salvation comes from Him alone. Nothing on our own.
  3.  We assume we grasp and understand God’s complete plan – whether it be that God’s trying to change someone else or God’s trying to change me. It’s how He sees fit to be glorified. His ways are not our ways.
  4.  Jonah was mad at God and said he had rather be dead than it to look like he had made a mistake, was wrong, or “wasn’t good at what he does (as a prophet)”. Am I willing to look foolish for the will of God? Am I willing to do something that others question or doubt for God’s glory?

 I am grateful for God’s Holy & Living Word that always causes me to evaluate my heart and where I need to change to become more like Christ.

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