More Than A Feeling

What is it about your neck and ears being ticklish?  Even little babies when you tickle their neck they are overcome with an emotion to laugh and although it doesn’t quite feel good it brings forth laughter – there is a release in emotion for the moment.

 I’ve been at a conference this week and I was sitting listening to a message on spiritual maturity. I had heard most everything before, even the illustrations. However, because the Lord knew how much I love Him and want to please and serve Him, I believe the Holy Spirit revealed, through something I already knew, a fresh revelation.  The word God gave as this: Spiritual maturity is limited due to laziness. Hearing the Word but denying the power there in means is when the Holy Spirit gives a word and you’re “satisfied” with the feeling and emotion of what He has revealed.  The laziness comes from not digging in to know more how to apply on a daily basis what He’s spoken, but being satisfied with the emotion of revelation only.  The challenge came  to go home and dig – study to show myself approved to overcome, to excel in the issue not just be satisfied with the initial revelation – the feeling.   That’s just where it started – after I repented from being lazy the Holy Spirit began to work and reveal.  Now the challenge is to not live in the moment or feeling of fresh revelation but be diligent to dig down deep to overcome, to grow and to go the next level.

 As a creative I love emotion – I create through emotion, God uses me through the release of anointed emotion, however emotion is momentary. Just like being tickled is momentary and the feeling goes away and is forgotten until the next time it’s experienced, unfortunately so can a fresh revelation from the Lord.

 Left unchecked, emotion can turn into 2 Timothy 4:3 “the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine but wanting to have their ears tickled they accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires.”

 This conference was truly that for me in the spirit as the Holy Spirit revealed to me how to protect the anointing in my life (future blog)  and that revelations are more than a feeling and I’ve got to dig deep, be diligent & God will use me to impact His Kingdom.

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  1. I’m so grateful for a place of worship where the pastor can teach on what God wants and not worry about getting ousted. It also awesome that so many people and listen! That’s only half the battle though.

    I can remember many times where I heard something at church in the last decade, got all pumped up about it and then before I knew it, I had forgotten all about it and was back to square one. For example, after all these years, I am just now on day 62 of my one year bible plan. I can’t even tell you the number of times since I was a kid that I’ve heard the importance of reading my bible. I saw my granny read it all the time too, but here I am 40 years old just now barely making it through 6 percent of the one year bible reading plan. 

    Really it’s all about priorities and application. When I did that 21 day Daniel Fast, it was an eye opener. That was really my turning point when I was able to make reading my bible a priority. I would suggest to anyone that has trouble staying focused on reading the bible daily to try some sort of fasting to see if that helps you too. I think it taught me to be intentional about what I was doing every day. If you notice, it’s been longer than 62 days since the Easter Daniel fast, so once again, I got derailed and wasn’t reading my bible plan, but I didn’t let the enemy beat me up over it, I started back on track again, and I know that is progress forward! I know I’m not the only one that does this because the people that make the YouVersion app has a “catch me up” feature! 

    Thanks for sharing, great post.

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