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Classrooms in at-risk communities do not have the same opportunities and resources other classrooms do. To confront this reality, Kids Hope, a mentor ministry of Faith Promise Church, has developed a program that gives small groups the opportunity to partner with teachers and students at Beaumont Elementary School. Uniquely named, “Adopt-A-Class”, the goal of the program is to lift the teacher’s morale, provide support to the classroom and donate supplies for special activities. This partnership between the small group and the classroom helps bridge that gap. This is the third year we have implemented “Adopt-A-Class” and we have many small groups that play a part.

Of their experience with the program one small group leader said:

“We are starting our third year at Beaumont, sponsoring the same teacher. We have an opportunity to help with school supplies, provide gift bags for holidays and participate in class parties with the children. But it is not just about the children. We have also developed a relationship with our teacher and have been able to support her during some tough times. Through these difficult times, we provided her with prayer, support and any other help she needed. While we originally started out to help the class, we have ourselves been blessed by the relationships we have developed, the fellowship we have shared and the thanks from a grateful group of children.” – Dave Breaux

Another leader commented:

“Our small group has participated in the Adopt-A-Class program with Beaumont Elementary for the past 2 years. It has been such an amazing experience. They are so appreciative to know that someone cares enough about them to know what is going on in their lives. Last year our group also had the privilege of sponsoring two 5th graders to take the end of the year trip to Washington DC, as they did not have the money to go. For such little time and money we have made a huge impact on these children’s lives and this program has made more of an impact on my life than I ever imagined. I would encourage anyone to volunteer and participate in this program. It has been such an amazing blessing to both me, personally, and my small group.” – Tiffany Steelman

These are just two stories of change from the “Adopt-A-Class” program and there are many more. It is our goal to help support children through a critical time in their lives when values are formed and self-esteem is developed. We believe through this program, small groups can make a difference in the life of a child … and that’s no small change!

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