Fasting: An Awesome Group Bonding Experience!

So, youʼre thinking about fasting as a small group? Here are a few tips to make the most of this awesome experience in connecting with God and others.

Plan Ahead

This is a great time to discuss how each person may need support during the fast. Chances are, listening to what each other’s concerns will help everyone be creative, consider combative ideas and work out what support they can offer each other!

Take Turns

Why not divide up the days between each group member to be responsible for ʻgroup encouragementʼ when their day rolls around? Whether itʼs an inspirational Facebook status where you tag each other, a ʻwe can do itʼ mass text or a daily Bible quote you just HAD to share, everyone can benefit from each other’s drive. Get inventive, work out what gets you fired up and share it!

Watch Those Feelings

After a long day, feeling deprived could seem like a little too much to take! How about ʻbuddying upʼ with someone you want to get to know better or even sharing your struggle with the whole group? Whatever support you need to keep you strong, this is exactly where your group can step in. What a great opportunity this is to bond as a group!

Be Still

Lastly, use your quiet moments that fasting brings to offset the busyness of your everyday lifestyle. Now is a great time to focus on the word, on your own peace and on achieving a quiet stillness with God, despite the trials of the day.


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