Sports and fitness are great but what do they have to do with church?!


Sports and fitness are great but what do they  have to do with church?! Why does  church focus much time on non-church activities?

This young girl is trying her best to be the child God wants her to be. Her story is why sports, fitness, and other Christian friendly activities are essential.

Being a teenager is hard, but being a Christian teenager is even harder. We face problems and are tested every day. I have to admit that I am not perfect, and I do fail, but I try my hardest to live for God. Peer pressure is a big challenge for me and every other Christian teenager. Every day I hear profanity, talking of drugs or drinking, and pre-marital activities. In fact I don’t have a single friend at school that doesn’t fall in one of those categories; some are even in more than one.  I made a decision a long time ago not to do any of those things, and now that I am saved I feel even stronger about that. It is hard for me though because all my friends are doing these things, and I don’t want to be left out. I just tell myself that it is not as fun as it looks. Drugs lead to serious illness or death, same with alcohol, profanity makes you look less intelligent, and pre-marital activities lead to diseases and pregnancy. Also the verse, Philippians 4:13, helps me a lot. It lets me know that I can say NO. When a guy wants to take advantage of me I can say NO, when my friends are talking inappropriately I can say NO, when someone ask me to do drugs I can say NO because God gives me the strength to. Any Christian can say NO, and though it may be hard God will give you the strength. The decision I made has shaped my life. People don’t like being my friend, guys won’t talk to me, and my friends exclude me if they want to have ‘fun’. Things like that can bring you down, and can cause you to become depressed. I find myself feeling down a lot because I feel like I have no one, but that isn’t true. Christian teenagers have one thing going on for them, and it’s the most important thing, we have God. God will always be there for us (Hebrews 13:5). As that verse says we shouldn’t be down because of the things we miss out on because we have God with us always. I know from personal experience that if people don’t want to be your friend because of your beliefs they’re not worth it, and if no one will date you because you’re “too lame” that just makes finding the right person for you so much easier. Friends are the tough ones though. You just have to find a friend who thinks the same as you. So when your other friends are out doing things they shouldn’t, you can hang out with that one other person. If you don’t have any other friends like you, than just talk to God. He will be your best friend, and he is the best friend you could ever have. I find myself a lot at home alone just talking to God. He knows how I’m feeling, and he will take care of me. He will be there for you too.

She is one of the many reasons for extra activities.  Christians, of all ages need fun too!   Tell us what you’d like to see more of from Faith Promise Fit and Faith Promise fit kids.  Email or find us on Facebook .

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