40 Days…Really???


40 days is a long time! That was my first thought… As we began talking about 40 days of prayer & fasting and I began spending some time thinking about what that looks like, what does that mean, what am I to focus on for that long??? God began to reveal things in my life and even dump new “opportunities” in my lap that definitely need prayer and fasting coverage.  So as we begin these focused days, I encourage you to Stop and Listen. For many of us, we never slow down long enough to hear God and what He is saying to us or even asking of us.  I speak from experience; God will get our attention one way or another.  My encouragement to all of us is to not compromise listening and waiting on God for the sake of getting the next thing accomplished.

My prayer is that over the next 40 days we will all spend some time in Solitude. Solitude rescues us from striving both intellectually and spiritually. Solitude…long enough…safe enough with ourselves and God to say, “Yes, this is who I am. I surrender it! Whatever it is that most needs to be done in my life, You God, will have to do it.” I pray we will be Silent. Silence allows us to give up control and for God to be God in our life rather than a thought in our head. As we stop and listen and allow God to transform us we will begin to realize that our transformation is never for ourselves alone. It is always for the sake of others. Then we can be effective as we seek God on behalf of His kingdom, His church-Faith Promise, our families and our teammates in the Worship Ministry. Can we even fathom what God has in store for us as His children? I know I can’t but I am willing.  I am willing and ready to be blown away! Are you ready?

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