Discussion Questions: Week 3 – The Prodigal Son


To further the conversation started by the weekend message, use these discussion questions in a group study or for personal reflection.

1.  In the story of the prodigal son neither son asked for grace. The younger son thought that he did not deserve it, and thought that he would simply be happy if he could be one of his fathers servants. He was initially impatient and rash, he made unwise decisions, and he squandered his inheritance. The older son thought that he did not need grace. He was the picture of pride, a picture of the religious men of Christ’s time on earth. He focused on the law. In other words he focused on his performance. He did not even care if his younger brother was lost, and he refused to celebrate when his brother returned. Which of the two sons do you associate with more easily?

2.  If you feel you associate more with one son more than the other, have you always associated with that same son or has that changed over time? Has it changed at different stages of life  as different events have occurred in your life?

3.  The father was the hero in this story. He extended grace to both sons. He felt compassion as he saw his son returning home. When people come back to you after making a mistake, or leaving you in a less than desirable manner do you find it easy to extend grace?  Can you describe a time when you extended grace? Can you describe a time when you withheld grace?

4.  Do you agree with the fathers celebration of his sons’ return? Why or why not?

5.  None of us deserve God’s grace, and yet if we are one of His children that is exactly what He gives us – grace. Can you describe a time when you experienced the Father’s grace?

Scripture verses:

Ephesians 2:8-9

2 Timothy 2:15

Luke 15:11-32

Luke 15:1-2

Luke 15:12-14

Luke 15:16

Luke 15:17

Luke 15:25-30

Luke 15:31-32

Romans 6:14

Luke 15:20

Luke 15:31

John 12:12

Colossians 1:13-14

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