*NEW* Softball Prison Ministry!

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Softball Prison Ministry is well, ministry through softball. Softball Prison Ministry is compiled of a group of men who love softball but more importantly love Jesus. Our mission is to go into local area prisons to play softball with the inmates. We are there to share God’s word and to hopefully help lead the men we play with to Christ. First and foremost we listen to them. Then we share our stories with the men, how we were saved and our own life struggles. We are there as God’s servant warriors, doing His work. Our goal is to save as many men as we can while we are there. We always look for opportunities to minister to someone. God has blessed me with the opportunity to be around a great group of Christian men and to learn from them how to be a better man of God. These are life changing games! If you are interested in learning more about Softball Prison Ministry, or would like to get involved contact Jeff at jsmonckton2009@my.twcnet.edu or by phone at (415) 264-3199. Thank you and God bless!