Tools in Our Recovery Toolbox

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The Recovery Toolbox at fpCelebrateBuilding Your Foundation

In our recovery journey, God has given us some amazing tools. These tools increase our faith, allow us to learn who we are, help us confront our own sin and patterns of behavior that block us from God and relationships with those we love. These tools are the building blocks for an unshakeable foundation.Tools in YOur Recovery Toolbox -fpCelebrate

If you are already a Christ follower these tools will draw you closer to your Heavenly father. If you are not yet a Christ follower you can use these tools too. They will help you understand more about who God is and how a relationship with Him will help you overcome your hurt, habit or hang up.

These tools can be used no matter where you are in your recovery journey. The great thing about Jesus is he meets us where we are. These tools are so beautifully designed that they can be used at our current level of understanding and recovery.

The tools can help you draw closer to the father and prevent relapse. The key is to use the tools BEFORE you act out.

Tools in Our Recovery Toolbox    

  1.  Attending Recovery Groups
  2. Making Phone Calls
  3. Recovery Literature
  4. Sponsor or Accountability Partner
  5. The 12 Steps
  6. Consistent Quiet Time
  7. Being of Service
  8. Prayer
  9. God’s Word
  10. The Armor of God
  11. Small Group
  12. Gratitude

What tools from your recovery toolbox did you pick up today?