Fixer Upper Week 3 – Discussion Questions

Main Point

Behind the design for a Fixer Upper life must be a need and desire for closet space.

Start the Conversation

Picture your bedroom. Can you imagine how it would look without a closet or dresser? Talk about how you would feel if your builder didn’t have time to include a closet in your home.


This week, we continue our series, Fixer Upper, where we consider the closet. The closet, like the foundation, is not fancy, but it is functional. We will discuss the importance of the prayer closet and private time with God. Prayer is not an obligation, but an opportunity to let God work. The purpose of this discussion is to develop and improve our prayer life.

Encounter God through Bible Study

Read Luke 11:1-4.

1. Jesus was strategic in this prayer. Are you strategic in your prayer time? What part of the Lord’s prayer do you find the most challenging?

2. Jesus did great things when he prayed in public. Name some of the great things Jesus accomplished through prayer.

3. What prayer of Jesus’ do you remember most?

Read Matthew 6:5-8.

4. Discuss praying in public. Should we pray in public? How should we pray? What should we guard against?

5. Give examples of times when you pray. When do you find it easy to pray? When do you find it difficult?

6. What is your prayer strategy? If you don’t have one are you willing to create one?

7. Do you ever lose your train of thought when you try to pray? What helps you to stay focused when you pray?

8. Have your ever kept a prayer journal? Can you think of a time when God answered a prayer quickly? Can you think of a time when it seemed to take forever to hear from God?

Read: Matthew 7:7-12.

9. If God knows everything, why should we ask for things in prayer?

Embrace Biblical Community

Spend time in prayer as a group. Create a prayer strategy as a team. Terri Savelle Foy says that the 5 things the world’s wealthiest people do every day are: wake up early, pray/meditate, exercise/eat breakfast, invest in personal growth (read at least 30 minutes), plan/organize for the day the night before. At Faith Promise we want you to be wealthy in life, but also in spirit. That won’t happen without prayer. Share one thing that you want to improve in your prayer life. Pray specifically for each member’s prayer life.

Expand God’s Kingdom

This week was all about spending time alone with God and trusting him with the details of your life. Time in prayer will teach you how to handle situations, show you which junk to store and which to throw out, it will lead you to happiness beyond your expectations, and give you peace beyond your understanding. Who can you pray for this week?

Leader Notes

We encourage groups to try the Discovery Bible Method as an alternative to these discussion questions. You will find details for this Bible study method here. For this week, please study Luke 11:1-4.

1. Leader explain your prayer plan. Talk about Pastor Chris and his upper room.
2. One example is the miracle of the loaves and the fishes. See Luke 9:16-17.
3. An example is where Jesus asked if there was another way to let the cup (crucifixion) pass from Him. He didn’t want to be hung on the cross – yet He was still willing and chose to say – THY WILL BE DONE.
4. Jesus isn’t forbidding us to pray in public. He is saying have private time with Him. He wants a personal relationship and conversation with you. We should consider our motivation in prayer. We should pray in order to draw ourselves and others closer to God. We should not pray in order to be seen or glorified by others. God should have the glory!
5. Answers may vary.
6. Answers may vary. Consider watching War Room as a group.
7. Most of us do. The enemy doesn’t want us to be close to God. Writing prayers, reading them aloud, or speaking prayer out loud sometimes helps.
8. Answers may vary.
9. God does know everything. He also values free will. He doesn’t force himself. If you knew your friend needed a pair of new heels (or work boots for you guys) and you had the perfect pair in your close you would LOVE to give them to your friend. You might also feel awkward about it. Would it be easier to give if you friend said, “I could really use a new pair of shoes. Do you know where I could find some?” Yes, of course. God wants us to ask. He is a good father.


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