Sweet Potatoes

Yesterday we travelled to La Croix. A 5.5 hour bus ride that took up most of our day. Then we got settled into our rooms at the Villa Mimosa Hotel.

After, we met with the leadership council. Each of them welcomed us, told us not to be afraid, that we were home. And having been here with teams five times before, I know that they mean it.

We left the meeting and walked to the field behind the church. If you have followed my blog before, this is the field that we planted plantains in a couple of years ago that was destroyed by the hurricane. Last year we were encouraged to see they had taken advantage of the trees being gone and planted corn. Now, the path to the field is filled with new growth.

The field itself is now planted with sweet potatoes. We dug up a few as we walked through the field.

After, we stopped by Gelee beach and tried some coconut water.

Today will be our first full day in La Croix. We are heading out now to spend the day with a family, helping them with all of their chores, and preparing a Haitian meal.

– Dave Breaux, Mission Trip Leader


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