Every year we run into this issue. Seems like half the island moves their clocks forward, and half doesn’t. Another reminder of one of our differences. In America, we look at time as a precious commodity, our schedules are so packed with activities that we often can’t get it all done. In Haiti, time is something you cannot run out of. There is always tomorrow.

So yesterday morning we started our day waiting an extra hour for breakfast to get ready because the clocks at the hotel had not moved forward. We were worried we would be late for church, but apparently the church had not moved their clocks, either.

We got to go to children’s church this trip, a first for us. Lots more interactive, and they were able to translate it for us. We even got to do our Good Samaritan skit again. We did Bible drills, where we called out a verse and the children raced to see who could find it in their Bible first. I played, too, and lost a lot. I like to say it was because I was using a Kreyol Bible, but the truth is they would have probably beat me with an English Bible.

One of the advantages to the time issue is some extra free time. It usually gets filled with relaxing, and sometimes dancing with the locals by the pool.

In the afternoon, more time issues. When we showed up for our afternoon activity, there was nobody there. Turns out this time we were late because this group had moved their clocks forward and we had assumed they would not.

While we were waiting, we visited a couple of houses. The team was very impacted by one family whose home was still damaged from the hurricane and who could only send one of their five children to school. They said despite their circumstances that they knew God was with them because they were still alive after the storm, and that they would rather have Jesus than silver and gold. We prayed over them, and it was very emotional for the family and the team as well.

Since our activity that was planned did not work out, we went to a presentation that was being given to some young adults about entrepreneurship. After, we got to introduce ourselves and ask each other questions.

Before heading back to the hotel for the night, we took a walk down a local road to the home of our Haitian team leader, Wislaire. One of the big differences in our past trips to Port-au-Prince and our trips to La Croix is the freedom to immerse ourselves in the culture.

– Dave Breaux, Mission Trip Leader


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