God’s Got Me

On the first week of June, I had the opportunity to go serve on a mission trip with my church to Monterrey Mexico. During the week, I was also a small group leader for some middle school girls. I am still in the midst of a hard time and going to Mexico really opened my eyes. I have severe anxiety and depression, and am currently working on getting my medication right. It has been really rough having to try and try to get better but still feel the exact same way the whole time. I continued to tell my girls my story and God’s truth. However I couldn’t help but feel so unloved by God, so uncared for. I continued feeling tired and depressed throughout the week, but continued praying and sharing my story with the girls.

Then, I had the opportunity to go and serve at a children’s home there in Monterrey. There, I came across an 8 year old child that I had met the year before. He and I would play and play and play whatever he wanted. We would constantly switch gears and play another game about every 5 or 6 minutes. But God opened my eyes as I looked at this child. I knew he was so loved by God. Even during this tough time in his life. And I looked in his precious eyes and saw his smile, he was so happy and thankful. I got one of our people on our team to translate and tell him that God loves him and has a plan for his life. He just nodded and kind of put me off. He told me that he knows, but I didn’t believe him. I wanted him to see how much he is loved. If I knew this orphan was loved by God during his tough time, then the same should be for me.

The boy took me up to the playhouse and we sat on the top and looked up at the sky for a long time. I reflected as I laid there with him….A boy about my age reading to the kids in Spanish was truly amazing, our team was getting some construction work done for the home, the night before was worship, where I lifted my hands and felt his presence, and I could feel it again here with this child. Then, I felt the boy hug me tightly and I knew it was God telling me “I got you” and that’s why I know I have to go back.

– By Callie Holland, Age 14

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  1. God has you and He knows what you need. Depression and anxiety is a hard disease to treat so do not give up. My husband has gone through this process over and over. I finally went to my pastor and ask him to pray with me that I could find the right place to take my husband so they could figure out what he needs. After this prayer two people out of no where told me about a doctor. I called and set up an appointment. The doctor interviewed my husband and immediately put him on Cymbalta. Within one week he was back to normal. He has been taking thus medicine for years and it works. I admire you for continuing on your mission trip to help others. It is a hard thing but God will bless you! Your Papaw and Mamaw would be very proud of the young lady you have become!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. God tells us he loves everyday but for some reason we choose to believe satan’s Lies. we are all designed in God‘s likeness and his love for us is unconditional and his promises are all true .

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