I am Faith Promise Week 4 – Discussion Guide

Getting Started

Main Idea:
When we give generously, we respond to God’s real love.

Discussion Starter:
At some point we have all received a gift we didn’t really want or like. What is the most unique or unwanted gift you have ever received?

We have become confused with the meaning of giving in a generous manner. Most people falsely assume generous giving consists of a large amount of money. God’s sees what the heart gives, not just what the hand gives. God is more interested in our motives for giving than in the amount we give.

Encounter God

Primary Scripture: 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

Discussion Questions:
1. We have all heard “God loves a cheerful giver”, what exactly do you think of when you hear “cheerful giver”?

2. Paul uses a farming illustration to make his point about giving. When sowing seed if it is sown bountifully, then the harvest is bountiful. What does Paul mean by this statement?

3. Discuss how our motives for giving are more important to God than the amount we give.

4. How does being a cheerful and generous giver show the real love of God to others, especially those that are not yet Christ-followers?

Discovery Bible Method:
For deeper study, as an alternative to the questions above, read 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 and use the Discovery Bible Method to explore the passage.

Embrace Others

Suggestion: Consider breaking the group into dyads or triads for this section.

How can God’s excessive love creating generosity in His followers have an impact on your group? Do you know anyone in need who could benefit from your group’s generosity?

Engage the World Around Us

Engaging at Faith Promise: Find an area of service at Faith Promise where you can give of your time and talent.

Engaging in Community: Find an area in your community where your group can demonstrate God’s generous love through service.

Engaging the World: How can you as a group demonstrate being cheerful givers in all that you do?

Expand God’s Kingdom

Too many people feel churches only talk about money. Pastor mentioned a quote from John MacArthur, “God sees the ‘heart gift’ and not the ‘hand gift.’” Brainstorm about ways your group can be “heart givers” and show others what it truly means to be a joyous and cheerful giver: one who gives out of abundant love.

Leader’s Notes

1. Although this is an opinion question, let’s focus on what Pastor pointed out to us. Cheerful is translated from the Greek hilaros, from which we also get the English word hilarious. Generous people are therefore happy, joyous givers that count it a privilege to give.

2. He is NOT talking giving to get more in return. We give in response to God’s generosity, especially His giving of His son for us. God made His love known through giving His son and not through giving of money.

ALL groups at Faith Promise should follow Jesus Christ and lead others to do the same. Below are the marks of a growing follower and disciple of Jesus.

– A follower of Jesus desires to encounter God through the deeper study and application of God’s Word.

– A follower of Jesus embraces people and values relationships on a deeper level so everyone can grow together.

– A follower of Jesus engages and serves the world around them and in their community, through local partners or God-directed opportunities.

– A follower of Jesus expands God’s Kingdom through development and multiplication of disciple-makers, possibly to lead more groups at Faith Promise.



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