Monterrey’s Got Talent!

Towards the end of our trip we took all of the crafts we had leftover and spent time with the kids, letting them work and play with the materials. Man, they sure do love to try new things so one activity we decided to try was to make para-cord bracelets. Robin and I decided to be good students and read the directions ahead of time to be well prepared. With 45 kids wanting to make a bracelet all at once; we knew that we needed to be the experts. At first we were struggling to understand what to do with the directions on the paper in front of us. All the while, Rosy, a caregiver at the home, was patiently watching us struggle to figure it out. I called my husband Aaron back home.  He began to walk us thru how to make the bracelets via Facetime. Halfway thru the conversation, Rosy decided she had it figured out. She took one of the bracelets from us and in no time flat she had completed making it. Then, we had a few kids catch on quickly and they were perfect every time. We spent the next 4 hours making as many bracelets as we could, as fast as we could, with team members stepping in to help just so we could keep up. It was funny, exciting and worth every minute of those hours. It was awesome to see God’s talents shining thru in each of the kids and was a great reminder that we are all uniquely and wonderfully made. Patience won and so did natural talent!


By: Tiffany Reid


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