Monterrey Mexico Back to Back Mission Trip

Perfect Imperfections

Many years ago my sister volunteered at a senior center.  My sister has always loved to put on make-up and do nails and she used this talent to make elderly feel good about themselves.  If you know me you know this is not my gifting. Yet, I would do whatever I must to have Mayra smile. Mayra is the girl my family and I started to sponsor last year. She somehow found her way to creep into our hearts. So, when one of the first things Mayra showed me when we arrived to Mexico was a new make-up kit her teacher gave her for her birthday I knew that the nail polish my small group was able to help provide would go to good use. Mayra loves to feel beautiful!

This was our 5th year going to an orphanage in Monterrey.  We used to give manicures and pedicures to the Care Givers, but they appreciated the prayers more.  So we stopped.  However, I knew from some letters and from the make-up kit she showed me Mayra would like her nails painted.  So, on the second day I got to hang out with Mayra I painted her nails.  All the things I have learned over the years about the importance of physical touch came flooding back.  I held her hands and gave a very imperfect manicure.  However, then I was able to put sparkles on top. Sparkles make everything amazing. Then Mayra asked me to pick a color.  She wanted to paint my nails too.  This was a huge bonding moment, from what I have learned from TCC (trauma competent care) training  that it is great  for orphans to show a sign of giving and compassion.  I think it was the most beautiful manicure I have ever had.  But then, just to add to all the love she had shown me, she looked for Daisy (my daughter) and did her nails too.

I considered giving her the nail polish and she did ask for it, but then another young lady sat down, Carmen.  Carmen is the only care giver I have seen every year I have gone to Mexico.  Her twin sons were the first children Randy (my son) ever read to in Spanish. Carmen also takes care of a boy that is my husband’s buddy when we go.  So, when she sat at the table with us to do her own nails I thought she might appreciate a little gift herself.  What mom of 8 boys ages 6-12 couldn’t use a little nail polish?

This blog might not be neat and tidy, but my heart swells as I write it.  It is so hard to put into words the love I received and felt free to give.  No judgement, no competition, no impressing one another….just pure love.  Love is in the imperfections and love is perfect.

By: Robin Kercher (Edited by: Daisy Kercher)


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