Jamaica Mission Trip Day 3 – October 7, 2019

Day 3 – Special projects at JDV by Kayla Roberts

Today was work day one. This was the first day our team is officially working. We all split up into teams to go to different areas to work. One team painted the inside of an office building. One team was cleaning the ceiling. One team was pressure washing the concrete. I was planting peppers with my friend, Josie. This was an adventure in and of itself because it was very different from how we irrigate plants at home; but surprisingly we planted over nine rows of peppers. This was fun because we had two of the local villagers helping us- they are a hoot. They not only made it fun, but it was also a great time to be able to connect and grow those friendships by working together. After a few hours of working; we cleaned up and ate lunch. We just ate sandwiches on this day. After lunch, we traveled to 30 minutes to Manchester to visit one of the Salvation Army’s children homes. This was a life changing experience. When we walked in; the children swarmed us. They wanted to play, be held, and just be loved on a little extra. For my profession, I am currently a kid’s pastor, so this was an especially touching experience. I was thoroughly impressed with the children’s home. It was cleaner than I expected, and much more organized. We played on the playground and played soccer with the children. I switched teams to help out the other team. After loving on the kiddos for a while, we went and talked with the woman who was in charge of that home. She then began to tell us the stories of some of the children, and she shared the hard moments of her job. Her transparency was moving. We had the opportunity to pray strength, patience, and renewal over her and her team. The children’s home was is normally one of my favorite experiences, but this year was different. This year it hit my heart in a way that it has never hit it before. Today was incredible because today I saw God in the eyes of those children.


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