Jamaica Mission Trip Day 5 – October 9, 2019

Day 5 – Concrete at KnockPatrick and Hands in Praise-Adam Montgomery

This morning was interesting. Many of our team got to experience an authentic Jamaican breakfast this morning: cabbage and bacon with bread knots. A few were apprehensive but after trying, most were impressed. After breakfast we started the day with a team briefing. Chris Briggs, our local contact and JDV manger, informed us that we would join another mission team staying at CCCD KnockPatrick today to assist in clearing and rehabilitating water catchment basins. After a brief discussion and clean up, we loaded the van and made the 45-minute drive to meet the team. When we arrived, work was already underway. Many of the residents from JDV made the journey with us today. We were encouraged to work alongside the residents, building on relationships we established earlier in the week. Our work consisted of pulling weeds, trees, and brush from a broken water catchment system. We worked for about 3 hours, managing to clear and prepare about 1/6th of the system. While we worked, other teams and residents worked to mix concrete to patch and repair as needed. When we stopped for lunch, we returned to JDV, sharing a meal upon our return.

The afternoon consisted of team time and a tour of JDV’s workforce development initiatives. Chris hosted the tour, accompanied by the team from KnockPatrick, and told us the story of the woodworking warehouse, the sewing room, and God’s plan in the midst of blessings and setbacks. Our entire team was encouraged by the work God was and is continuing to accomplish through the JDV. Dinner this evening was shared with the residents and some of their families. We enjoyed in a sweet time of fellowship, thanking God for new relationships and enjoying time well spent. To close the evening, our team was treated to JDV’s Hands in Praise team, as they provided a visually stunning rendition of “I will follow,” “On Eagle’s Wings,” “Change My Heart oh God”, and “Thank You.” Our team closed the evening in a prayer of thanksgiving, praising God for the new family He has provided, new relationships, new experiences, and for His creation of community and relationship.


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