Jamaica Mission Trip Day 8 – October 12, 2019

Day 8 – Travel Day – Katy Creasman

We woke up around 5:30am to pack our suitcases onto the bus and eat breakfast.  Some of the residents of JVD woke up to tell us bye.  To me, that was a sign of the relationships that were built over the week.  To wake up on a Saturday that early was amazing for us as a team to see.  We did a final prayer with the team including the lady, Vern, who cooked for us all week and her assistant and the security guard, Donovan.  We loaded the bus and traveled the 2 hours to the Kingston airport.  Checking-in and going through security was surprising easy and we had enough time to get some more food before getting on the flight to Atlanta.  Once in Atlanta, we went through customs again with no issues.  We did almost have an issue from Atlanta to Knoxville as our plane was overbooked but everyone got on the plane and we safely made it to Knoxville where our families were there to greet us.

Some of the team words/inside jokes of the week were:

Bucko, Vehicular Trumpets, Jamaican Justin (Adam Montgomery)


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