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Hello parents, we are praying as a student staff for your families and believing God’s best is on the horizon for your family! This week is our last week of Jesus is… This was been an incredible series for learning things about Jesus and how we are to walk those same attributes out in our lives. Tonight we focused on Mark 5:1-20 looking deeply at the sovereignty of Jesus. We told the students how much better life can be in when we believe our God is sovereign over our lives. We pushed them to make two declarations that would help them live this way; The first declaration is- “God is sovereign over EVERYTHING!” This is easy to say but a bear to live out. The second declaration is- “God is good in all His discussions. “This is a huge one and a facet of God that students will need your constant help remembering. Helpful verses: Ephesians 1:11; 1 Timothy 6:15; Psalm 22:28; Psalm 24:1; Psalm 47:7; Psalm 103:19, Psalm 34:8; Psalm 25:8; Psalm 100:5; Psalm 136:1; Psalm 135:3; Psalm 145:9; Nahum 1:7.

Conversation starters:

–          What would it look like in our family’s life to trust God more?

–          Why is it hard for us to trust God?

–          We all doubt that God is good at times. What makes it the hardest to believe God is good?

A Redneck Prom!

It’s Prom Season in high schools all over the US! This means girls are caught up in the search for the perfect dress, while guys are hitting up the bank (mom/dad) for a loan to pay for the increasingly expensive event.

Well, at Faith Promise we do things a bit differently.  🙂

Next Wednesday, during the Knox County spring break week, fpStudents will be hosting a Redneck Prom at the Pellissippi campus! That’s right, break out the camo, coveralls and Carhartt; we’re putting a new twist on an old tradition!

Our Redneck Prom will be complete with a light “country” dinner of corn dogs, Slim Jims and s’mores, as well as redneck games like a seed spitting contest, sack races, donut eating contests and, of course, line dancing! Plus, this event is completely FREE for students! It’s going to be an awesome night, and a great opportunity to invite students who don’t regularly attend church.

Now, if you are reading this and you are not in high school, I know what you’re thinking…”Michael! How can I be a part of this amazing event??” Well, I have great news for you! As with any prom, we have two special ways you can join in the fun:

  1. Decorations. We’ll be turning the Pellissippi campus into a haven for hillbillies, so if you have anything from Christmas lights to hay bales to pink flamingos, we’d love for you to lend us what you’ve got to make the experience memorable!


  1. Chaperones. Every prom needs additional adult supervision, and perhaps you’ve been waiting for a time just like this to get your feet wet serving at FP. Well, here’s your chance! I promise you’ve never seen ministry done like this, and I’d love for you to consider serving with fpStudents and seeing just what God is up to with our students!

If you are able to help in either of these ways, please email us at so we can get you plugged in! The Redneck Prom will take place Wednesday, March 27 from 6:30pm-9:30pm at the Faith Promise Church Pellissippi campus.

Michael Wallace
Faith Promise HS Pastor

Parent Connection – fpStudents


Hello parents! I pray that you are doing fantastic and that your family is growing like never before. As always, thank you for taking the time to invest into your student’s spiritual growth. This week at fpStudents we are in the second week of a series called Jesus is… In this series we are discussing facets of our Savior Jesus Christ and this week we are diving into His compassion. The focus passage for this week is John 9:1-41. We broke the message down into two easy reasons why we  should do this and these would be great things to discuss with your student. The first reason is, “It will bring the most honor and glory to God is we are compassionate like Jesus.” The second reason is, “It will bring others to salvation if we are compassionate like Jesus.” These are easy to work on steps you can do as a family! (Also read John 8:35-38)

Question to talk through with your student:

–          What is more important to our family, God’s glory or our desires?

–          What can we do to be more focused on God’s glory?

–          Why would being compassionate bring our friends to Jesus?

Coffee Shops…Where Life Change Happens

God has called people, like me, to invest in the lives of the next generation so that there are more stories of life change to be had.


I was asked the other day why I like Student Ministry so much. Besides the obvious, loving to play just dance for hours on end, or my absolute LOVE for Lock Ins… OR even more, my undying love for Justin Bieber. Truth be told, there is an even deeper reason why I like Student Ministry so much. Are you ready for it?

Text “VOLPEL” and your Name to 75309 so that you can start making a difference in the next generation through fpStudents.

I have a passion to see life change happen in students’ lives BEFORE they experience the “messiness” of this world. It’s true! I was given the opportunity to meet with a student a few weeks ago for coffee and I was so inspired by the end of our conversation because this young lady told me where she once was and where God has brought her today. I am so in awe of who she is because God has truly transformed her life.

She WAS in a time of darkness and feeling alone. She WAS ignored by many of her friends and family. She WAS afraid and falling deep into sin. And because of what Christ has done, because of God providing a small group for her to attend at fpStudents, she IS set free from the bondage that she was once in. She IS heard by our one true God. She IS not afraid, but is confident in who she is in Christ.

That is why I love student ministry so much. I love the fact that God can use me, plain ol me, to just listen to a student as she shares her heart. He uses people like me to speak into these lives and to help them see that they are NOT who they think they are but instead they are the child of the most high God. God has called people, like me, to invest in the lives of the next generation so that there are more stories of life change like this student has had.

I love student ministry because I know that God is GREATER than the plans of the enemy and I believe that he is going to use THIS generation to change our world. Do you want to make a difference in even just one of those lives that will change the world? Do you want to see how God can use you in fpStudents? Then can you do something?! Will you text “VOLPEL” and your name to 75309?! I would love to help get you connected within this ministry so that lives can be changed by your willingness to step out in faith and in courage.

My Name Is Jonah


If you’ve ever read the book of Jonah in the Old Testament, you’ve been privileged to see just how dumb one guy can be. And by the way, I am often that guy.

OK, here’s the brief summary. Don’t worry, the life-altering application is coming in only 50 words. Jonah was a prophet in the OT who spoke on God’s behalf. God said go to Nineveh, Jonah ran the other direction. God had him swallowed by a fish, Jonah repented and obeyed. Then Nineveh repented and obeyed. Then Jonah lost his marbles and yelled at God to kill him. Simple, right?

I’d like to share two huge things I’ve learned in teaching through Jonah’s story at fpStudents over the last few weeks:

  1. God’s Authority Isn’t About Domination, It’s About Love. God loved Jonah, and Nineveh, and you! Jonah mistook His authority for domination and control. Nineveh understood that God wanted them to avoid destruction, hence the warning from Jonah. How about you? Do you see God as a control freak or a Father acting in love? What about your leadership? Do you lead, parent or live as if you must control others or do you reveal your love for them through your actions?


  1. Submission Is Success, Separation Is Failure. We often get the two mixed up, just like Jonah did. He hoped that God would destroy Nineveh, whether they submitted or not. But by aligning themselves with God they began a relationship with the God who loved them. Success! We must recalibrate our perspective on God to understand that submitting to His will puts us under His protection, not His thumb! And to choose not to submit is to choose separation from Him…not a great idea.


I pray that this glance into Jonah’s life will help you see God’s authority a little bit different today. If you’d like more info, check out to watch the messages from our series “Rebellion”.

Also! If you are a parent of a High School student at our Pellissippi campus, join us this Wednesday (March 6) as we conclude the series with a message from Pastor Chris and a special Parent Connection breakout all about sharing your faith with your student!

Cool Stuff at fpStudents High School

Hello Faith Promise!

I want to let you know about a few really awesome things that are happening with fpStudents High School at the Pellissippi campus.  In 2013 we’ve already seen 14 high school students baptized, and last week we had our largest Fusion Weekend ever, hosted at the Blount campus. It’s so cool to see how God is continuing to move in the lives of students, and the passion with which they follow after Him.  Here’s a couple of exciting things coming up that YOU can be involved in and praying for:

  1. High School Parent Connection Group: This Wednesday, Feb 20 at 6:30pm we’ll have our next session that will include a tech tutorial so you can be up to date with all the apps and gadgets that students are using these days.  We’ll also cover safety and security for your student’s internet and phone use. Trust me, you can’t afford to miss it!
  2. The BIG Show: On Wednesday, Feb 27 we’ll have our first ever BIG Talent Show for High School students! Bring out your juggling fire act, taekwondo mat or great singing talent and show it off for hundreds of new fans! All auditions will be done live on Feb 20 or sent in on video to
  3. Keep Praying! We have new students visiting fpStudents each week who need to know Christ, and hundreds of students who face temptation and persecution because of their face every week! Please pray for these students to grow in passion, knowledge and leadership in their schools, families and communities.

God Bless!

Michael Wallace

HS Pastor