1st Sunday Service at North Knox!

This Sunday, June 3 at 6:00 pm, join us for our an evening of extended worship, the Lord’s Supper, and more! This will be a special evening that you won’t want to miss!

fpKIDS – Behind the Scenes

Few people realize just how much goes on ‘Behind the Scenes’ to prep for fpKIDS every weekend.  We’ve got a team of workers that serve throughout the week turning knobs and pulling levers to make sure the stage is set for every child to have a great fpKIDS experience!

We’re on the lookout for some more outstanding volunteers to join our ‘Behind the Scenes’ team.  Is that you?  Check out all the opportunities below:

BLN Campus

Supply Center Guru – This person invests up to 4 hours per month organizing and maintaining the Campus Supply Center.  Put your OCD skills to work for a great cause!

Laundry Extraordinaire – This person invests 2 hours per week laundering blankets, towels, crib sheets and other various items in preparation for the weekend.  This task is completed at home and the items returned to the campus by Thursday morning of each week.

Room Prep Technician – This person works alongside a gaggle of team members buzzing around the campus getting all curriculum elements, stage props and other various pieces in place and ready for the weekend.  This team serves every Thursday morning from 9-11am.

To jump on board and serve in any of these roles, contact Gina at ginam@faithpromise.org 

PEL Campus

Shipping & Receiving Team – This team of workers compiles and packages curriculum supplies for all campuses.  This role requires a focused, organized person that believes everything should have a label.  Volunteers in this role serve 2-3 hours per week.

Cart Cleaner-Uper – This team member clears all supplies from the curriculum carts and restocks them.  Volunteers in this role invest 1-2 hours per week on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Room Prep Technician – This person works alongside a gaggle of team members buzzing around the campus getting all curriculum & stage elements set up in preparation for the weekend.  This team serves every Thursday from 9-11am.


The following ‘Behind the Scenes’ tasks can be done from home at your convenience.  As noted, some of the tasks will benefit all campuses while others will be campus specific.

Birthday Cards – This is a campus-specific task accomplished by that artistic volunteer that loves to doodle.  This volunteer invests 2-3 hours per month writing personalized Birthday cards to the fpKIDS at their campus.

Curriculum Prep – This is a global task that benefits all campuses.  If you love to cut, staple, glue or label, this is a great job for you.  This volunteer invests 2-6 hours per month completing simple prep work to ensure our activities are easy to implement on the weekends.

To jump on board and serve in any of these roles, contact Jamie at jamied@faithpromise.org 

Parent Connection – fpKIDS

Preschool (2yrs-PreK)

This month we focus on John 15:12 and encourage your preschooler to love their friends the way Jesus loves them!  That seems so simple right?  Typical church lingo that we all throw around.  Jesus loves EVERYONE!  So should we if we really believe what He tells us.

So who was Jesus sure to show his love to?  Not just the people who did good things.  Your preschooler will learn about Zacchaeus this week.  Luke 19:1-8 tells us that he was a tax collector and he was rich.  Now, neither one of those things are sins, but he was hated by society and called a “sinner” by the religious.  Zacchaeus did need salvation, but not because of his job.  Jesus sees the heart.  Society called Zacchaeus “unloveable”.  Jesus loved Zacchaeus because he recognized him as one of His children.  In that blameless love, Zacchaeus made the decision to follow Jesus!

What kinds of people do you encounter that society calls “unloveable”?  Create a Rhythm this week by taking time to pray with your child for some of those people.  And when you see them out, show them love.  Teach your child to love everyone, just like Jesus does!

Elementary (K-3rd Grade)

Conviction – standing for what is right even when others don’t

 This month we will focus on making sure your children are ROOTED in God’s Word.  When we know what God says, we can stand for what is right no matter who is around or what circumstances we are facing.


We have a great example of this virtue in Daniel (Daniel 3).  Daniel and his 3 friends were told to conform.  They were supposed to be taught to be just like the Babylonians.  But they knew they were Israelites!  Daniel knew his God and he wasn’t going to worship anyone else.  You may have heard the rest of the story.  They were thrown into the fiery furnace and they were not alone!  King Neb realized Daniel and his friends had been rescued.  Not only did he release them from the furnace, but he declared that all would worship the one true God!

Your student will be faced with persecution and have to make their own choice about God at some point.  Make It Personal this week by talking to your student about how to make that choice as they live with Conviction.  Encourage them to “Never tire of doing what is right” (2Thess. 3:13).  Be proactive.  Don’t wait for them to be faced with the choice before you talk about why you choose God.  Make sure they are equipped to love people, but love God more.

Club 45 (4-5th grade)

This week your student will about God’s unfailing love for us.  They will learn the importance of confessing their sin and receiving God’s forgiveness.  We know this because of scriptures like Proverbs 28:13, 1 John 1:9 and Psalm 32:5.

Let’s take that a step or two further.  It is important to have an awareness of our inability to obtain righteousness on our own.  It is important to understand that we will make bad choices.  Jesus doesn’t want you to focus on all the things you can’t do though!  There are far more verses about confessing that Jesus is Lord than there are about confessing sin.

So what does Jesus being Lord mean for your student? 

It means that they should be more aware of the righteousness he gives them than any sin in their life.  Why?  Because He is.  Hebrews 8:12 tells us that we have a new covenant with the Lord, one in which He remembers our sin no more!  Jesus doesn’t want us to live defeated in our sin.  He wants us to walk free because of His blood!  In many of the recorded encounters that Jesus had with people, he told them to “go and sin no more”.  It was the encounter with Him that motivated these people to make the right choice and “sin no more”.

Make It Personal this week by helping your student understand what Jesus has done for them.  Pray that they would have a personal encounter with Jesus that drives them to “sin no more”.  Encourage them in the fact that even if they mess up, Jesus still loves them and they have been forgiven!  They don’t have to focus on their sin… just focus on Jesus!

Parent Connection – fpKIDS

Preschool (2yrs-PreK)

This week your preschooler is learning how to talk to God.  As silly as that sounds, in Matthew 6:5-13, Jesus taught us how to talk to God.  We aren’t supposed to babble about nothing just so we can “check that off our list”.  We aren’t supposed to pray just so people see us and think we are spiritual or religious.  Actually, Jesus hated religion.

In the verses this week, Jesus told us to pray in a very specific way.  He said to worship (v9), surrender (v10), trust (v11), forgive (v12), and declare His power and glory (v13)!  It’s that easy.  He already knows what we need before we ask (v8).  Our prayer time is supposed to be a time of fellowship with our Father.

Create a Rhythm this week with your preschooler by helping them to pray this way.  Together, surrender to Jesus, trust Him, forgive, and declare His power in your lives.  Establish a foundation for prayer in their life and listen to them talk to God.

Elementary (K-3rd Grade)

Honor is letting someone know you see how valuable they really are.

Have you ever been to a wedding?  Have you ever noticed that when the music starts, the kids are the first ones on the dance floor?  Twirling, jumping, shaking…completely undignified and unaware of anyone else’s opinion!  They have not yet been taught that they are supposed to be “cool” which translates into being self-absorbed.

In 2 Samuel 6:12-22, your child will see that King David was so excited about bringing the ark in to his city that he danced through the streets!  Pretty much naked!  He dropped all of his kingly robes and worshipped his God, undignified and oblivious about what anyone thought.  Do you know why he was so excited about the ark?  It was the presence of God.  David ushered in the presence of God with dancing and singing and trumpet blowing!  He cared more about the presence of God than anything else.

Create a rhythm this week by putting on some worship music and get undignified with your student!  Dance before the Lord, sing to Him, usher in His presence.  Teach your student that it’s more important to experience the Living God than to look cool in front of your friends.  They need to see you doing this too!

Club 45 (4-5th grade)

Once Upon a Parable: Jesus and the Kingdom

Your student has been learning about all the ways Jesus explains and describes the Kingdom of God through stories.  He used real life scenarios to speak to the people He was ministering to.  If He was talking to fisherman, He used fishing.  If He was talking to Pharisees, He used the law and government.

Our stories can help teach the Kingdom of God to others.  These are also known as our testimonies.  Our testimonies are tangible evidence of the Kingdom of God.  It’s easy to forget how many personal stories we have!

Make It Personal this week by starting a Faith Journal or Story Book with your student.  Help your student realize times they have experienced God and write those down.  Start a habit of documenting the Kingdom of God in your lives so that you can always refer back to those stories.  They’ll come in handy when your student needs a story to share or just needs to be reminded of God’s faithfulness.