Join Us for COLLIDE, Sunday, February 17th, 6:30 pm at the Pellissippi Campus


Hey Young Adult, are you looking for a place to call your own? Introducing COLLIDE, a campus-wide gathering that rotates across campuses. The first meeting will be held Sunday February 17, at the Pellissippi campus at 6:30 pm in the Satellite.

Collide’s focus is to challenge the young adults at Faith Promise Church to step up and do something. This gathering will take place four times throughout the year. We all talk about change, but doing it is another thing. Come be a part of something fresh and new. Help change the next generation to this generation.

Childcare is provided.

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The Gift of Tradition

This time of year is rich with traditions for our family.  Little things that began as something fun to do have grown into involved events that require pre-planning and preparation.  This afternoon my daughter and I will sit down and plan out the McClain 2012 Gingerbread House.  We’ll test out a new recipe this year and even incorporate some new materials to increase our landscaping around our little construction project.  We’ll create a shopping list, decide on what goodies we want to munch on as we build and even choose our dinner menu for the evening.  It’s not just an activity… it’s an event.

Traditions are fun in our home.  They build memories to be relived for years to come.  These will be the “Remember when…” moments of the future.  So I look at them with excitement.  I treat them as precious.

Are they perfect?  Rarely.  But the unexpected hiccups only flavor the experiences from one year to the next.  Look for opportunities to celebrate old traditions and create new ones for your family.

UT Campus Launch

This past Sunday, October 9, Faith Promise launched its fourth campus – this time on the University of Tennessee. We are thrilled to become one of only a few churches nationwide that meet on a university campus, and 250 people were in attendance for the service.

Please join us in praying that this campus will reach many and continue to grow as students invite their friends and others hear about what is happening in this place.