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Teaching Kids Wisdom

It was another average weekday. Shortly after arriving home from work I’m routinely rifling through the pile of papers pulled from my 2nd grader’s backpack. Amid the assortment of math worksheets, writing assignments and doodles I see one yellow slip of paper. One glance and dread envelopes me. Another ticket. Another note from the teacher. […]

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Make the Most of the Time You Have

As a mom of a 14, 11 and 7 year old, I can appreciate the busy schedules of most families. Things like school, sports and other extracurricular activities can quickly fill a weekly schedule. As school is in full swing, conversations with my husband can be consumed with determining where each child needs to go […]

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Parent Connection – fpStudents

Rebellion: The Seed of Rebellion Last night during FPstudents your middle schooler  talked about where rebellion begins.  Most of us don’t set out to rebel in our lives.  It starts typically as a seed.  The seed is typically selfishness.  The enemy tempts us with it and before we know it, we are rebelling against God and […]

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