Category: High School Ministry

Cool Stuff at fpStudents High School

Hello Faith Promise! I want to let you know about a few really awesome things that are happening with fpStudents High School at the Pellissippi campus.  In 2013 we’ve already seen 14 high school students baptized, and last week we had our largest Fusion Weekend ever, hosted at the Blount campus. It’s so cool to […]

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7 Words For Success

I’m a parent. Therefore I am always looking for quick, concise wisdom to pass on to my children. I’d love to say that this is because I place a high value on wisdom and that I am so full of such elevated thinking that I struggle to find opportunities to share all the knowledge I’ve […]

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Herod’s Response

I love getting gifts! And I know you do too! It’s one of my favorite things about Christmas! (…and my birthday…Valentine’s Day…………President’s Day…etc.) As I read the story of Jesus’ birth in Matthew chapter 2 I see something interesting about the idea of giving gifts. Christians have adopted the gift-giving process from the gifts of […]

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