Category: High School Ministry

The Wrong Q

This week as I was talking with Chuck Carringer, our Family Ministries Pastor, we got on the topic of dating one’s spouse.  Chuck said that he and Emily have a date planned, but he didn’t yet know what they were going to be doing.  Then, almost in unison, we both said, “But it doesn’t really […]

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Give Your Family Some SWAG!

 Do You Have SWAG?? Calling all parents of High School Students!  Don’t miss an incredible opportunity to change the way you look at CONFIDENCE in your home.  This Wednesday, October 24 from 6:30pm-8:30pm you are invited to a special Parent Connection Event at fpStudents Pellissippi Campus. (please check in at fpKids entrance) At this event […]

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The Lonely Island Syndrome

Ever feel like you’re all alone?  Like the world has passed on without your input or approval?  Like any confidence that has defined your past has vanished into thin air?  Do you ever feel like you are trapped on a deserted island, emotionally separated and devoid of confidence?  This is exactly where we find Elijah […]

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