Monterrey Mission Trip 2014

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Date: June 7-13, 2014

We’re joining the Back2Back team in Monterrey Mexico to provide care for orphans.  Working alongside native ministries within Monterrey, Back2Back endeavors to strengthen local efforts to reverse the impact of poverty.

Create a team of families and individuals that experience missions internationally & locally by intentionally partnering with productive and successful outreach ministries.

Information Meeting
To learn about the Monterrey Mission, join us Sunday February 2nd at 1pm, at the Pellissippi Campus, Rm 222.  You’ll learn more about how you can join or support the team.  Contact Gina McClain at for more info.

Monterrey Mission Cost
Families/Individuals interested in participating with the Monterrey Mission Team will serve on local mission events prior to departure & post return. In return, the participants receive a reduced rate based upon the following tier:

  • 4 Mission Events (pre departure) = $800/per participant

  • 3 Mission Events (pre departure) = $900/per participant

  • 2 Mission Events (pre departure) = $1000/per participant

  • 1 Mission Events (pre departure) = $1100/per participant

  • 0 Mission Events (pre departure) = $1200/per participant

Local Mission Events
We will partner with two local ministries:

Water Angels

  • Saturday March 5; 11-3pm
  • Saturday April 5; 11-3pm

Second Harvest Food Bank

  • Saturday April 12; 9-12pm
  • Saturday May 10; 9-12pm

As a team, we will work together to reduce our cost.  Each team member that participates in a fundraiser will benefit from the proceeds of that fundraiser.  

  • Pancake Breakfast @ Applebee’s (North Peter’s Road)

    • March 29, 7:30am – 9:30am

    • $6 per ticket or 4 tickets for $20

Each Mission Team member  will have a donation account established with Faith Promise Church to receive tax-deductible donations toward Mission expenses.  These donations are tracked on behalf of the team member.  Donar’s are provided documentation for their tax-deductible donation.


6 Things You Can Do to Raise a Godly Daughter

Happy mom and daughter

We desire our daughter love and know God. We desire that God use her in an awesome way. We want to be the Godly parents we should be.

How do I raise a Godly woman?

How do I recognize when my child is ready to take the next step in their faith?

How do I spiritually train my child?

Each of these questions come from parents of varying backgrounds and walks of life. Yet all speak of the same desire to train up our kids to know their Heavenly Father. The task of doing this seems so simple and yet so challenging.

Aimee Fair is a mom of three and leads preschool ministry at our Blount Campus. Her gift lies in her ability to patiently draw out of others what they didn’t know was there.  I’m personally blessed by Aimee’s words and guidance as she responds to the questions above. Hear what Aimee has to say…

Our girls are constantly being told by the World how they should look, act, and speak…What can we do as Christian parents of girls to equip them as they interact with these contradicting ideas?

We can talk…

We can talk about Jesus and how He is working in our lives.

How He helps us daily.

How He is with us always.

How we can talk to Him anytime.

How we can trust Him no matter what.

How He can help us make the wise choice.

And how He’s a friend that will never leave me.

We can listen…

We can be truly present and engaged as she expresses her thoughts.

Girls have words and they need to get them out. And I want to be the one she processes the things of life with so I can guide her to the Godly response.

We can surround her…

Surround her with Godly influences that will speak Truth into her life.

Small Group Leaders

Small Group members

Adult friends that you respect

When I asked my daughter how parents can help their girls grow spiritually, this was the first thing on her list…

“Get your girl connected with her Small Group Leader, whether it be in fpKIDS on Sunday mornings (consistently going the same hour helps build connections) or on Wednesday nights in Students…My Small Group Leaders are the best! I can go to them about anything!”

Then, as a parent, you get to know her small group leader too! Introduce yourself! Switch phone numbers so you can work as a team to grow this girl up in the Lord!

Surround her with God’s Word by writing it on her mirror…put a note on her pillow…speak it over her…cover the walls of your home with reminders of His love for us!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

You are precious.

You are beautiful inside and out.

You are a child of God.

You were chosen by Him.

Your strength only comes from God.

God has a plan for you!

We can teach her Thankfulness…

A thankful heart truly is a happy heart. Thankfulness gets the focus off of me and onto God. Because it’s not about me!

We can give her resources…

Some of our family favorites are…
A Girl After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George
Jesus Calling (available in versions for preschoolers, kids, and teens!)
Girl Talk by Nicole O’Dell
-Listening to the dramatized version of the New Testament as she goes to sleep
The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

We can be an example…

Above all, we can be examples in her life of what spiritually walking with the Lord looks like when we live it out day by day, moment by moment.  That will speak louder than our words ever will.

Parent Connection – fpStudents



Once again, thank you so much for investing in your students and in this ministry. You are a vital asset to the kingdom of Christ so please do not give up the fight. This week we are going to be discussing the grey area of decision making. In some decisions there is not a clear right or wrong scriptural answer. In this case we have to consider our past, present, and future circumstances as well as seek God’s wisdom through the decision. Most times our past struggles and current struggles can point the way to the correct decision in our lives. Seeking wisdom in these decisions is crucial. Proverbs 4:7 tells us that “Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! And whatever else you do, develop good judgment.” Seeking wisdom in our decisions and through our situations leads to a happy and fulfilled life. Spend a few minutes each day speaking with your student about how to ensure that they are making the right decisions for their walk.

Parent Connection – fpStudents



Thank you for investing in your students. This week’s message speaks to the costs of wisdom. As we talked about earlier, wisdom comes from seeking God in everything we do. However, there is a cost which goes with that. Sometimes we don’t get to do things that we want to do because it is not God’s will for our lives, also sometimes it means that have to do something that we may not want to do. This week’s message discusses the story of Noah and the arc in Genesis: 6:9-22. Noah being a righteous man, did what God asked for him to do, even though at times in the process it was hard. But in the end it is what saved him and his family. Sometimes we look at a situation and we don’t see God’s picture, but when we put God’s plan above our own he always works things out for our ultimate best. While there is a cost to wisdom, what we receive through it is far beyond what we could ever imagine. Spend some time this week discussing situations in their lives where God’s plan has been bigger than their own plan.

Parent Connection – fpStudents



Thank you once again for being the spiritual force you are within your household. Your discipleship toward your students is crucial in equipping them to become the Christ followers that we hope that they will be. Remember that you spend substantially more time with them than we do, so discipleship in the home is your most powerful resource. In this second message of the 3 Blind Mice series we will be discussing how we can make wise decisions as well as the three ways in which God uses to communicate with us in regards to the decisions we make. God has given us three ways in which he speaks to us about our circumstances: they include His word, wise council as well as our relationship with him. The passage which we will be focusing on this week is 1st Samuel 20. In this chapter, Jonathan becomes David’s wise counsel developing a plan to warn David that King Saul wants to kill him. This passage enforces that having wise counsel around us as Christ followers is crucial, but also points out that simply having them there is not enough, we have to listen to them. Take some time with your student this week and talk about what it means to have wise counsel as well as how to make sure that they are listening to the things of God and not the things of this world.