Parent Connect_Episode 3 : You can’t protect your kids from porn!

Catch Parent Connect Episode 3 “You can’t protect your kids from porn!” here.

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fpKIDS Vision for Families_Preschool


What We Ask of You:

In order for us to provide safe and loving care for your child, we ask that YOU:

  • Label all belongings such as pacifiers, cups, blankets, toys, etc.
  • Let us know of an special instructions and if your child is potty training or in a diaper/pull up.
  • Let us know if your child has any specialized needs or food allergies.
  • Helps us uphold our Well Child Policy by staying home and watching church online if your child has been sick within the past 24 hours. (This includes fever, vomiting, unclear drainage from eyes or nose, symptoms of ear infections, vomiting, unexplained rashes, diarrhea, any other communicable disease or symptoms of pain)
  • Keep your Security Receipt close by. If you are needed we will page you by displaying the alphanumeric security code along with the child’s first name on the screen in the auditorium. You will also need to present this tag when you pick up your child.

What We Will Do:

In order for us to provide safe and loving care for your child, WE will:

  • Page you from the service if your child cries for an extended period of time or show signs of sickness.
  • Staff our preschool environments with volunteers who have cleared our background check process and have been trained according to fpKIDS policies and procedures.
  • Create a FUN, developmentally appropriate environment for your preschooler.
  • Teach your child about Jesus on his/her level in by focusing on 3 Basic Truths:
    • God Made You
    • God Loves You
    • Jesus Wants to Be Your Friend Forever

To find our what your child learns each week, visit

  • Gladly answer any questions you may have. fpKIDS leaders and staff members are available during weekend worship services. You can also email

Parent Connection_Preschool



God Loves Me All the Time.

Can you think of a better Truth for your preschooler to learn? God’s word teaches us that His love is unconditional. No matter what we think, say or do, He always loves us.

Download this weeks’ Small Talk for some simple ways to keep this conversation going this week.

Small Talk_June 15