Faith Promise Has an Awesome Summer Planned for fpStudents & fpKids!


Goodbye textbooks, it is summer time! But don’t think it’s time for your kids to play video games and take endless selfies from the couch. At Faith Promise, we don’t believe summer is a vacation from spiritual growth, but we can combine that growth with endless fun. Our fpKids and fpStudents have many activities in store to keep your kids busy and spiritually fulfilled this summer.

To kick off the summer, fpStudents is jumping right in with Faith Promise Students Summer Kick Off (FPSSKO) for middle and high school students.

Wednesday, June 3, will seem like any regular youth night with a 6:30 pm service at each of our campuses, but hold on to your hats because the night is not over. At 8:30 pm, each campus will take a bus to the Pellissippi Campus for more mega worshipping. After worship, Pigeon Forge better take cover because the youth will then be bused to Wilderness at the Smokies. Your students will kick off summer with water slides, pools, bowling, laser tag, and much more.

The fun will wind down at 6 am on June 4 as the youth return to their regular campus. Students can be picked up between 7 and 7:30 am. Be sure to check with your student pastor at your campus to find out the exact time. The cost for this wild adventure is $35 and you can register online or at your campus by filling out a form. Encourage your students to bring a friend!

Once your teens have recovered from the kickoff, it will be time to pack up for the Movement Conference 2015 from July 15-19. Your students will travel to Johnson University in South Knox County to strengthen their relationship with the Lord and to prepare them to share their faith when they return to school in August. The $149 cost covers room, board, and all activities, including service projects, swimming, late night activities, and an afternoon trip to Dollywood. Most importantly, students from all campuses will join together to worship God. Register here.

And of course, our regular Wednesday services will continue throughout the summer. Not only is this a great way for our students to see their friends, but it is also a time to show the devil that he will not be able to get a grasp on the students as they stay focused on God all summer long.

Don’t worry, we also have some great activities in store for your elementary students as well. Our fpKids Camp is right around the corner. It will take place June 22-25 for students rising into 3rd-6th grades. Camp will take place at Fort Bluff Camp in Dayton, Tenn. The cost of the camp, which includes everything but clothes and personal items, is $249. Camp is jampacked with tons of activities including water slides, putt putt golf, wet and wacky games, late night activities, and much more! During their stay at fpKids Camp, the students will also have times of worship, fun, and creative activities centered on God. More info here.

Each campus may hold individual events throughout the summer for their students. Plug into one of our five area campuses to find out what is available for your children this summer.

Monterrey Mission 2015


Monterrey Mission 2015 is an international mission experience tailor-made for first-timers, families and seasoned veterans, alike. It’s so addicting… they call it ‘missions on crack’!

We take a group of 25 participants to Monterrey, Mexico to serve with Back2Back ministries. Back2Back works with children’s homes and impoverished communities throughout the Monterrey community by partnering with individuals, schools, churches, civic groups and businesses to create a bridge between people in need and people with resources.

Are you ready for a mission experience that will change the way you view your world? Come find out more:


Information Meeting_Pellissippi Campus
Date: November 9
Time 12:45-2pm

Information Meeting_Blount Campus
Date: November 16
Time: 12:45 – 2pm


Who: Participants 8 years & older. All participants 8-17 years must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

When: June 6-12, 2015

Cost: $1,650.00/ per person + cost of passport

Go or Send: Which will you do?

1003510_10201762316770405_439317117_n (1)

Experiencing International Missions can be scary. It requires a little bravery and boldness. It’s one thing to step outside your comfort zone within the confines of the United States. But when your comfort zone is an entire country away… you can feel a little lost.

Supporting someone on a Mission trip requires faith and selflessness. The willingness to partner and support someone else’s experience in hopes of catching a glimpse of God’s work in return.

Whether you GO or SEND, both roles are critical to what God is doing.

The Monterrey Mission team is walking out some of this fear, bravery and boldness as they prepare for their trip in June. When asked to look ahead at what they hope to experience in Monterrey, here is what they shared:

When you land in the states on June 13th, what would have to happen in Mexico to make you say, “That was worth it!”? 

Seeing what a difference just a few people can make in the lives of the kids.

The feeling that God used me to bless the kids and support God’s mission with Back2Back in a tangible way. James 1:27

 The feeling that I did Gods will and that he used my family and me for His good.

That I would know that I made a difference in the life of a child and that it was in Gods name not mine.

 For me to watch my daughter and the orphans there bless each other in such radically different AND similar ways that only God can understand.

Knowing for me that even if i don’t feel anything in Mexico or when I get back that I know the seeds I planted God will send others to water them. I think I’ve been able to see that over the past year already.

It’s hard not to get excited about what God will do in the hearts and minds of the adults, students & kids going to Monterrey. Would you join our team?

It’s not too late to join the team. The cost is $1290 per person. Deadlines for deposits and paperwork are coming up at the end of this month. 6 spots remain, so act now. Contact Gina McClain at

This may not be your year to
GO but you can SEND.  Click here to make a tax deductible donation to the trip of a specific team member OR to the team as a whole.   or Click here to learn more about fundraisers you can participate in.

Monterrey Mission Trip 2014

promo post pic

Date: June 7-13, 2014

We’re joining the Back2Back team in Monterrey Mexico to provide care for orphans.  Working alongside native ministries within Monterrey, Back2Back endeavors to strengthen local efforts to reverse the impact of poverty.

Create a team of families and individuals that experience missions internationally & locally by intentionally partnering with productive and successful outreach ministries.

Information Meeting
To learn about the Monterrey Mission, join us Sunday February 2nd at 1pm, at the Pellissippi Campus, Rm 222.  You’ll learn more about how you can join or support the team.  Contact Gina McClain at for more info.

Monterrey Mission Cost
Families/Individuals interested in participating with the Monterrey Mission Team will serve on local mission events prior to departure & post return. In return, the participants receive a reduced rate based upon the following tier:

  • 4 Mission Events (pre departure) = $800/per participant

  • 3 Mission Events (pre departure) = $900/per participant

  • 2 Mission Events (pre departure) = $1000/per participant

  • 1 Mission Events (pre departure) = $1100/per participant

  • 0 Mission Events (pre departure) = $1200/per participant

Local Mission Events
We will partner with two local ministries:

Water Angels

  • Saturday March 5; 11-3pm
  • Saturday April 5; 11-3pm

Second Harvest Food Bank

  • Saturday April 12; 9-12pm
  • Saturday May 10; 9-12pm

As a team, we will work together to reduce our cost.  Each team member that participates in a fundraiser will benefit from the proceeds of that fundraiser.  

  • Pancake Breakfast @ Applebee’s (North Peter’s Road)

    • March 29, 7:30am – 9:30am

    • $6 per ticket or 4 tickets for $20

Each Mission Team member  will have a donation account established with Faith Promise Church to receive tax-deductible donations toward Mission expenses.  These donations are tracked on behalf of the team member.  Donar’s are provided documentation for their tax-deductible donation.


6 Things You Can Do to Raise a Godly Daughter

Happy mom and daughter

We desire our daughter love and know God. We desire that God use her in an awesome way. We want to be the Godly parents we should be.

How do I raise a Godly woman?

How do I recognize when my child is ready to take the next step in their faith?

How do I spiritually train my child?

Each of these questions come from parents of varying backgrounds and walks of life. Yet all speak of the same desire to train up our kids to know their Heavenly Father. The task of doing this seems so simple and yet so challenging.

Aimee Fair is a mom of three and leads preschool ministry at our Blount Campus. Her gift lies in her ability to patiently draw out of others what they didn’t know was there.  I’m personally blessed by Aimee’s words and guidance as she responds to the questions above. Hear what Aimee has to say…

Our girls are constantly being told by the World how they should look, act, and speak…What can we do as Christian parents of girls to equip them as they interact with these contradicting ideas?

We can talk…

We can talk about Jesus and how He is working in our lives.

How He helps us daily.

How He is with us always.

How we can talk to Him anytime.

How we can trust Him no matter what.

How He can help us make the wise choice.

And how He’s a friend that will never leave me.

We can listen…

We can be truly present and engaged as she expresses her thoughts.

Girls have words and they need to get them out. And I want to be the one she processes the things of life with so I can guide her to the Godly response.

We can surround her…

Surround her with Godly influences that will speak Truth into her life.

Small Group Leaders

Small Group members

Adult friends that you respect

When I asked my daughter how parents can help their girls grow spiritually, this was the first thing on her list…

“Get your girl connected with her Small Group Leader, whether it be in fpKIDS on Sunday mornings (consistently going the same hour helps build connections) or on Wednesday nights in Students…My Small Group Leaders are the best! I can go to them about anything!”

Then, as a parent, you get to know her small group leader too! Introduce yourself! Switch phone numbers so you can work as a team to grow this girl up in the Lord!

Surround her with God’s Word by writing it on her mirror…put a note on her pillow…speak it over her…cover the walls of your home with reminders of His love for us!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

You are precious.

You are beautiful inside and out.

You are a child of God.

You were chosen by Him.

Your strength only comes from God.

God has a plan for you!

We can teach her Thankfulness…

A thankful heart truly is a happy heart. Thankfulness gets the focus off of me and onto God. Because it’s not about me!

We can give her resources…

Some of our family favorites are…
A Girl After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George
Jesus Calling (available in versions for preschoolers, kids, and teens!)
Girl Talk by Nicole O’Dell
-Listening to the dramatized version of the New Testament as she goes to sleep
The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

We can be an example…

Above all, we can be examples in her life of what spiritually walking with the Lord looks like when we live it out day by day, moment by moment.  That will speak louder than our words ever will.