Our New Series, 500 Reasons, Begins This Weekend!

Wow Promisors,

What an incredible month February was in the life of Faith Promise! We kicked it off with another incredible Sunday Showdown! Then, we launched into This Is Group and started 83 new groups and connected 712 new people into community. We grow together and are getting in and getting on God’s New Rivers and New Roads.

Don’t miss out on something new God is doing in our disciple-making communities.

The world is not getting darker, believers are getting dimmer. But we refuse to dim! And fpStudents led the way in flipping the switch in Fusion 2018 – with over 1,000 students and leaders becoming brighter lights, resulting in 40 baptisms already.

And somehow, March is looking even brighter, as we move into an entire month of preparation for Easter at Faith Promise. Throughout this month, we will challenge Promisors with 500 Reasons to Get Others In and invite everyone they know or meet to join them for Easter weekend. I am praying for 20,000 people, 500 baptisms THAT weekend, and for God to continue doing something new in the lives of every Promisor.

Remember that whatever we face as a church, our first and only response is to love and serve and help real people with real problems find the real love of Jesus Christ.

Finally, let me challenge you to take your next step this month:

Get In the Water and acknowledge God publicly in baptism,

Get In the Word and begin a devotional time with the Lord in the Bible,

Get In the Weekend and begin making Faith Promise weekends a priority,

Get In A Group and join the disciple-making community,

Get In a Ministry and begin using your gifts to serve others,

Get In on Generosity and begin giving, tithing, or preparing for Heart for the

Harvest this fall,

or Get Others In by bringing people to Easter at Faith Promise.

No matter what’s your next step – you can do it! I pray for and believe in every Promisor. Let’s keep getting in and getting on His new rivers of provision and roads of vision this year!

Love you and see you this weekend!


Sunday Showdown This Weekend!

Hey Promisors,

This year is already off to one of the fastest starts in Faith Promise’s history!
This month we launched a new microsite location at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee, and during the last two weekends over fifty college students packed out the small chapel, encountering God in worship and His Word.

God is moving, will you be aware of it?!

The results are in, and the answer was overwhelming from the Core across all our campuses. Promisors resoundingly supported the purchase of the North Knoxville Campus facility and property, which we will purchase in cash following the Leadership Team’s examination and authorization of the property. This will allow us to reach more people with real problems and help them find real love.

Also, God’s New Rivers and New Roads continue with our first showcase weekend of 2018, Sunday Showdown: Battle of the Pastors II. You may remember this incredible weekend from last year, when Pastor Zac Stephens and I battled it out on Super Sunday. This year, let’s Get Others In and invite the people we committed to bring this year.

Finally, in two weekends we will kick off an incredible season of growth with
This is Group! Throughout February, we will share stories from my group and other groups and challenge every Promisor to Get In Groups and see something new in their journey. Do not miss all that God will do this month!

Let’s continue to get in and get on His new rivers of provision and roads of vision this year!

Love you, and see you this weekend!


Correction: New Service Times

Yesterday, we sent out a note about new service times at our Pellissippi Campus beginning this weekend. The correct times are Saturdays at 5:00 & 6:30 pm, and Sundays at 8:45, 10:00, and 11:30 am.

You can always check service times for your campus by going here or through the home page of the Faith Promise app.

See you this weekend!

Happy New Year Promisors,

Thank you for inviting and serving at The Christmas Spectacular! Over 9,000 people, many of whom visited our campuses for the first time, viewed the experience across all our campuses. Nearly 300 people prayed to receive Christ and many are already planning and preparing for their next step in baptism. I can’t think of a better way to begin 2018 than watching the waters of baptism rippling from new believers.

In this next year we will see a new and miraculous move of Heaven as Faith Promise takes one step closer to 10,000 Promisors by 2020. And although God has already delivered so many from the shackles of sin and captivity to circumstances, even more Promisors will be released and made ready for the ministry of helping real people with real problems find real love.

Our theme verses for 2018 come from Isaiah 43:18-19, 

Do not call to mind the former things,
Or ponder things of the past.
“Behold, I will do something new,
Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it?
I will even make a roadway in the wilderness,
Rivers in the desert.’

Grace and greater purpose are awaiting you in 2018 through His new rivers and new roads. I challenge you to join every Promisor and take part in reading our 2018 Devotional New Rivers, New Roads together throughout January! Pick up a copy at your campus or grab a digital copy here.

I also challenge every Promisor to choose a Word for the year, make a Personal Growth Plan, or take part in the Bible Reading Plan. All of these are included in the devotional, so pick up your copy this weekend and get in on the new thing God is doing!

Also, beginning Monday, January 8th, I invite you to join us in a 21-Day Fast to pray for the new things God will do in Faith Promise and the lives of every Promisor this next year. If you’ve never fasted before, check out www.faithpromise.org/fasting for more information.

Finally, if you are a part of our Pellissippi Campus, don’t forget we will return to 5 weekend experiences beginning January 6th and 7th – two on Saturdays (5:00 and 6:30 p.m.) and three on Sundays (8:45, 10:00, and 11:30 a.m.)

So get in God’s new rivers of provision, get on His new roads of vision, and come see the new thing God has planned for you this year!

This will be your best year yet. Love you and see you this weekend!


Merry Christmas Promisors,

Thank you for being and bringing the real love of Jesus to the people and problems all around us over the last month in Love Starts Here. Still, even as we celebrate all God is doing, we are already looking ahead to what God will do next!

In two weeks, Faith Promise will give every community around each of our campuses the gift of The Christmas Spectacular. This experience will feature cookie and ornament decorating, photos with Santa, flight training, and an original Christmas show and story of two elves desperately trying to save one child’s Christmas.

I am praying and believing for 15,000 people to visit our campuses, something that won’t happen without every Promisor seeing and seeking the opportunities to bring anyone and everyone they know or meet in the next couple of weeks.

Grab handfuls of invite cards, and make it your holiday mission to spread the news about The Christmas Spectacular. For specific dates and times at your campus go here.

Also, I am excited to share that we will be releasing the 2018 Faith Promise Devotional book – New Rivers, New Roads, starting December 16th-17th. This collaborative effort is our best yet and will absolutely set you up to take new land in your walk next year.

Finally, we are improving online giving to create a better experience for everyone who supports the ministry of Faith Promise. So, next time you login to give online, you’ll need to create a new account. Once you do, you’ll be able to login to give one time or setup recurring giving. It may take a couple of days, but your past giving history will also automatically transfer to the new account. If you have any questions, please contact us at giving@faithpromise.org.

Love you and looking forward to seeing you this weekend!