The Deadliest Catch: Endangered Species

Endangered Species

1. Malachi 4:5-6 describes the beginning circumstances of a movement of God. Do you need God to restore your heart to your children and your children’s hearts to you before God can move in your situation?

2. Was your father a Godly dad? How so? It what ways are you a Godly parent?

3. What are your thoughts about God filling the gaps where there are no Godly dads in the home?

4. Do you know your children’s strengths? What steps are you taking to help identify and develop those strengths?

5. Describe how you physically show love to your children.

The Deadliest Catch: Loving God, The Heart of God

Loving God, The Heart of God

1. Pastor Chris stated that while our task is not extremely difficult, our environment is dangerous. How and when is this true in your life?

2. Why did you first turn to God? No hope? Fear? Nowhere else to turn?

3. Revelations 2:5 states “remember from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first …” At what point in your walk have you been the closest to God? When were you most in love with God? How do we stay or get back to that point?

4. Pastor Chris said that no matter what we do, God can not love us more than He already does. Do you love Him back? Expand on your answer.

5. Has there been a time when you were so involved in “doing” God’s work, that “doing” became more important than loving God?

6. How does it make you fill that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ (Romans 8:1)?

Eyes Wide Open: You Be The One

You Be The One

1. What are your dreams? Spiritual? Relational? Financial? Others?

2. What one step can you take to move closer to one of your dreams?

3. With whom have you shared your dreams?

4. How has these people helped you move closer to your dreams?

5. Pastor Chris stated “if your habits are not moving you towards your dreams, then either you to need to change your habits or your dreams.” Are your habits leading you to your dreams? What needs to change?

Eyes Wide Open: God’s In The Gaps

God’s In The Gaps

1. Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do. Give some examples you have witnessed that demonstrate this point.

2. There is a gap between receiving a dream and accomplishing it. God is in the gaps. Where have you witnessed God in such a gap?

3. Traps are in the gaps. Give an example of this point. Have you been surprised by any traps? How has God walked with you through traps?

4. Pastor Chris talked about the difference between God’s heart and God’s hand. What do prayers for God’s hand sound like? And prayers for his heart?

5. Pastor Chris made the statement “you can sin dreams away”. Talk about this statement. How does this thought motivate you? What fears does it provoke?

Eyes Wide Open: Don’t Dwarf It – Morph It?

Don’t Dwarf It – Morph It

1. Are your dreams God-sized? What would your life look like if your dreams were God-sized?

2. Share a time when you experienced a change in your dreams that worked out for the best?

3. Have you had a time when you tried to live someone else’s dreams? How did that effect you?

4. Have you ever given up on your dreams? Do those dreams need to be reenergized or changed altogether?

5. Have you had a time when you allowed your past to stop your dreams?

Eyes Wide Open: Have You Dumped Your Dreams?

Have You Dumped Your Dreams

1. Who has helped, or is helping, you achieve your dreams?

2. Pastor Chris shared if our dreams don’t include God or others, they are too small. How does this statement make you feel?

3. Who is your current dream manager? Who has been a dream manager for you in your past? How many dream managers do you currently have?

4. What are your dreams … for your family? for your job? for your legacy?

5. Pastor Chris said dreams are not the same as fantasies. What you doing to make your dreams a reality?

6. Who can you help achieve his or her dreams? Your spouse? Your child? Your coworker? What can you do this week to begin fulfilling a dream?