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Home Invasion: Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines 1. How does it make you feel that the devil is the ruler of this world? 2. Having things is not bad. Things having you is bad. What are some things that have you? 3. Are there any “Sodoms” from which you need to run? 4. Lot was not a witness for […]

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Home Invasion: Sin is an Inside Job

Sin is an Inside Job 1. Who is on the “stool” in your home? 2. How did it make you feel when Chris described carrying the body of death? 3. How does it make you feel that there is a stool, a place of authority, in your own life that directs your life? 4. From […]

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Home Invasion: The Imposter

The Imposter 1. What are your thoughts about Satan? Is he real? How much power does he have? 2. Satan was described as our adversary, deceiver, tempter and hinderer. Which of these have you seen Satan be in your life or in the life of someone else? Describe that time. 3. What are some lies […]

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