Pre-Christmas Spectacular Week 2 – Discussion Guide

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Getting Started

Main Idea:
Invite people to experience Jesus in an experience called A Christmas Spectacular.

Discussion Starter:
This weekend we looked at how Christmas is a crossover in relationship, worship, and leadership. Share with each other your top 3 life-changers- situations that caused your life to be totally different afterwards than how it was before. (Hint: salvation, going off to college, marriage, birth of a child, illness, etc.) read more

The Center for English – North Knox Small Group Serving Project

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The Center for English is an independent endeavor with a two fold purpose. To teach English skills and to promote effective integration (life skills) of refugees into their prospective communities. The program has over 20 countries represented and currently over a 140 students taking ESL classes. There are 7 levels of English taught from beginner to advanced. This is the only free ESL class offered in Knoxville. read more