Plan B: Me Too

Me Too

1. Pain. Everyone experiences it. Create a list of painful circumstances. Through what painful experiences have you had to work?

2. Scripture tells us in the book of Ruth that Naomi overlooked God’s blessing of community while she was going through a Plan B experience. When have you lived out a “Plan B”? What role did community play in your experience? Can you look back and see the people God placed in your life at those points? Did you see them at the time?

3. Pastor Chris stated the church often fosters fakes. How do we become more transparent? What can we do to possibly help others become more transparent?

4. Are you currently experiencing a “Plan B”?

Scripture verses:
Ruth 1:16-17
Ruth 1:20-21

NOTE: The preceding questions are provided as a supplement to the questions included in the appendix of Plan B. Please refer to Chapter 9 and its associated questions on page 233.

Taking The Weekend Message A Step Further

(This post was written by Evan Crass, Associate Pastor of Group Ministries)

This weekend starts our fall “alignment” at Faith Promise – a period of time when the weekend series is further discussed and applied through our community groups. Since Pastor Chris doesn’t normally take questions from the audience, where else can you boldly ask (and be asked) questions that challenge your thoughts on God? (By the way if he did take questions from the audience, it would look like this. In short, if you aren’t involved in a group, you are missing out.

The topic for the series is based on the book Plan B by Pete Wilson. He seeks to answer the question, “What do you do when God doesn’t show up the way you thought he would?” And, let’s be honest, who hasn’t asked this question at some point? In fact, early on in his book Pete says, “No matter what has happened or how you feel, please know you’re not alone. Because here’s what I’m learning: everyone needs healing. Everyone.”

So now that he’s leveled the playing field, he takes the next step in beginning the healing process by deconstructing our perceptions of success, of control, and of God. Pete goes on to say, “We get ourselves into all kinds of trouble when we assume God must think and feel as we do.” And over the ensuing chapters he puts in writing the questions we ask of God while pointing out that answers may not come or even be understood; however, there is hope for those who want it.

Of course there is no quick-fix. There is no silver bullet. Life is messy and yet God is still God in the midst of the mess. Pete sums up the book by saying, “I’ve discovered that sometimes God wants us to live inside of the questions. Sometimes he wants us to linger in the waiting, hoping, praying.”

And as we wait, hope, and pray, I find it best to do so with friends. Plan B situations are bad enough, but to walk through despair without a community of friends is unthinkable. It’s not too late to walk through Plan B (the book) with other like-minded people. Contact to find a group of people just like you.

Come As You Are: Happy Isn’t Good Enough

Happy Isn’t Good Enough

1. Actions reveal our priorities. What priorities are revealed from your actions? Is it easier to see priorities in others or in ourselves?

2. God wants us to be blessed, not necessarily happy? What does this mean?

3. With what decisions do you wrestle the most? Personal happiness vs. obedience to God? Career? Family? Relationships? Financial?

4. What story do you want your actions to tell? What decisions need to be made to change your story?

5. How do you start to flip or change your priorities? Pastor Michael mentioned focusing on only the next decision. How do we practically make only the next decision?

Scripture verses:
Deuteronomy 6:5-9
Philippians 3:18
Matthew 22:36-38

It’s Not Too Late … But It’s Close

Beginning 9/11/10, we’ll be discussing how God works in and through us when our dreams don’t come true. Based on Pete Wilson’s book, Plan B, our weekend messages and community groups will both seek to answer the question, “What do you do when God doesn’t show up the way you thought he would?”

If you’re not already involved in a community group, join us for grouplink on Wednesday, September 15th at 6:00 pm to find a group of people like you.

Childcare and dinner are provided. Register online, e-mail us at, or call 865-251-2590 x 1400 to reserve your spot.

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

Check out the newest group for social dancers to get connected and share your love of dancing with others or learn how. We’ll enjoy line dance, swing, country western, and ballroom. We meet on Thursday nights beginning September 16th at Church Street United Methodist Church on the corner of Henley and Cumberland. Lessons are from 7:00 to 8:30 pm with a free dance until 9:00 pm. Child care is available by pre-arrangement. All levels welcome.

Contact Annette at for more information.

Come As You Are: Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure

1. How has God moved in your life to perform miracles in the past week?

2. When have you experienced “a strategic day”, as mentioned in Mark 6:21? What were those circumstances when the enemy, the world, or the flesh attacked?

3. When have you done the right thing even when everyone else is telling you to do something you know is wrong?

4. In what area of your life – finances, business dealings, relationships, etc. – are you most likely to give into peer pressure?

5. What is one thing you can do this week to take a stand against peer pressure in your specific circumstances?

Scripture verses:
Romans 12:2
1 Corinthians 10:13
Mark 6:17-28