Help! My Family Is Crazy!: A Faulty Foundation

A Faulty Foundation

1. If you could go back to childhood and ask God to change one thing in your family, what would it be?

2. In Galatians 6, it is made clear that we reap what we sow. Describe the fruit from your childhood. What are you sowing now in your own family?

3. What are the faults in your foundation?

4. A home – not a weekend worship experience or even a group environment – is the best place to build a healthy family. What roles and responsibilities have you let languish or expected others to complete?

5. Do you think “anything is possible” in your family? Describe how that looks. What is your dream?

6. What is one step your family can take this week to strengthen or repair the foundation?

The Worst Day Ever

The Worst Day Ever

1. What does Easter mean to you?

2. How are you like the disciples who hid and grieved after the death of Jesus?

3. Have you buried a dream? Explain.

4. Is your life lived more in Saturday (defeat) or in Sunday (victory)? How do we begin to live daily in a victory mindset?

5. Pastor Chris spoke of a woman who was desperate to get to Jesus. How desperate are you?

Stocks and Bonds: Two Minute Warning

Two Minute Warning

1. Are you following Jesus or are you trying to convince him to follow you?

2. Name one person you know who doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus. What will you do this week to influence their next steps?

3. The “day of grace” will end. How does that make you feel?

4. We are told to work until the return of Christ, what are you doing?

5. Pastor Chris showed a clip of kids running into the arms of their fathers, much like God is waiting for people to return to him. How does that make you feel?

Stocks and Bonds: I Want The Blessings

I Want The Blessings

1. Pastor Chris told a story of the junk cars that needed to be prayed out of his life. What junk needs to be prayed out of your life?

2. How would your life be different, or the same, if there were both extravagant getting and giving?

3. How does the principle of sowing and reaping effect your thoughts on giving? Give an example where you gave a lot and you subsequently reaped a lot.

4. Have you ever found yourself in financial bondage? What did it take for you to surrender to God’s plan?

5. In Hebrews 11, it says, “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Share a story of when God moved when you expressed faith in something hoped for but not seen. How does this scripture speak to us about money?

6. Malachi 3:10-11 speaks about giving tithes and God’s return blessings. How will you test God with your giving?

Celebrating 15 Years: 10% Tithe – Blount County

10% Tithe – Blount County

1. What have you been through that was tough at the time for which you are now thankful?

2. Pastor Chris spoke about Hebrews 12 where it talks about running the race with endurance while keeping our eyes on Jesus. What does this mean? What does this mean to you in your current circumstances?

3. What steps of faith are required as we begin taking steps into launching a new campus in Blount County? What does this mean to you personally?

4. Moving forward requires change. What will you have to think of differently as Faith Promise moves to Blount County? Technology? My role? The role of the Pastor? The importance of proximity to the unchurched?

5. In the Book of Joshua, the priests of Israel shouted God’s blessings and curses from the mountain tops over the people. Share a praise report. How is God shouting blessing more audibly in your life right now?

Celebrating 15 Years: Coming To A Location Near You

Coming To A Location Near You

1. What are some of your branches in your own life that are producing fruit? What are some of your branches that need to be pruned, because they are not producing fruit?

2. Pastor Chris said the lost matter more. Who, in your life, are the lost? What are doing to reach them?

3. What has God ask you to do? What must He do that only He can do in order for you to be successful?

4. What about what Wayne & Angie Burress would make you nervous? What about it is exciting to you?

5. How do you put yourself in a position to be used by God? What role can you play specifically as Faith Promise launches the Blount County campus?