TPI reaches an unreached people group!

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In October, I participated in a TPI graduation in Curuguaty-Chupapou, Paraguay. It was INCREDIBLE! It is the first TPI graduation in our 15 years among the Aché people group in the interior of Paraguay. One of the graduates pictured below is named Cipriano Ayala. He gave his testimony at the first Bible Institute graduation ever among his ethnic people group. There are 113 communities of Aché people in Paraguay that have no gospel witness at all, of any kind. Let that sink in for a moment.

Cipriano has been training missions and missionaries for years about the Aché culture. During his graduation, he spoke with great excitement and emotion saying, “Now after being trained by TPI, I can go as a missionary and plant churches in these 113 communities where there are no churches.”

Usually when I attend TPI ceremonies in Central & South America, I understand what is happening. That was not the case at this graduation. I could not understand anything that was going on, because it wasn’t in Spanish; it was in Guarani and Aché. Our teachers in Paraguay were trained in Spanish and because they speak Guarani also, they are able to teach the classes in Guarani to the indigenous peoples of Paraguay. It was so humbling to witness God’s Kingdom expanding to a new people group through TPI and realize our ministry has grown beyond what I can personally understand. Glory to God that He is not limited by our limitations!

The pictures below are a testament to the plentiful harvest all across Latin America as national pastors receive sound biblical instruction that equips them to accomplish the Great Commission in their communities.

Pastor Cipriano sends his thanks to TPI and all of those who make our ministry possible. He praises God for the spiritual discipleship that can now take place in those 113 communities among the Aché people group in the interior of Paraguay. I join him in thanking you because none of this would be possible without your ongoing generous financial support. Thank you for responding as God prompts you to give! It is making a powerful difference! 

  • Submitted By: Greg Kappas with Training Pastors International (TPI), a Faith Promise missions partner

The Center for English – North Knox Small Group Serving Project

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The Center for English is an independent endeavor with a two fold purpose. To teach English skills and to promote effective integration (life skills) of refugees into their prospective communities. The program has over 20 countries represented and currently over a 140 students taking ESL classes. There are 7 levels of English taught from beginner to advanced. This is the only free ESL class offered in Knoxville. read more

Jamaica the Final Day

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We are the Noe’s and this is our family’s first mission trip. There are four of us on this trip together; Brandon (Dad), Jill (Mom), Blake (Son, 15) and Addison (Daughter, 10). This morning we woke up to start the last full day here at JDV. We had a full day planned ahead of us and all were excited that the Beukema family was going to be joining us on some of our excursions. read more

Jamaican Time: Day Five

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Today all started with the blaring sound of 7 alarms going off, all at different times.  All of us single ladies share a room connected together by bunk beds, laughter, and some snoring here and there. We all woke up in our own way and wandered down to breakfast with the team to hear about what project we would be working on today. So, my assignment was concrete work with Kayla and Ali. I had worked hand mixing the concrete the day before, but today was a new day with a new set of challenges. We all got dressed and headed down to the front to see what we needed to do. read more

The Focus of Our Trip: Jamaica Day Four

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Today our team headed to New Hope, which is a children’s home here in Jamaica.  Amanda is a Jamaican-American who runs the home and cares for the children.  There are around 25 children who live there at any given time. The focus of our visit was to love on the children, as well as supply any needs that may arise including projects around the building and providing various supplies.  Visiting these children and then having to leave is one of the hardest parts of the trip, as it can be very heartbreaking. read more

Jamaica – Day Three

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Today is our third day in Jamaica but it is our first day working alongside the residents. We started our day off today by dividing into teams to start working on various projects. One team went to the Knock Patrick school to start the process of planting coffee trees for Deaf Can. Others worked on finishing cement detailing, clearing rocks from the soon to be landscape, and sprucing up an apartment for one of the families to move into soon. It was hard work but God provided clouds to occasionally shade us and held back the rain storm until we were done! read more