Don’t just be a 20-something, DO-something.  This weekend experience is specifically designed to help all 20-somethings discover and take the next step, regardless of where that step might lead.

March 14, 2010
Sunday morning, 11:45 a.m.

High School Spring Retreat


Are you in High School and looking for an opportunity to have fun, connect with friends, and be challenged to go deeper in your relationship with God?  If so, you won’t want to miss the High School Spring Retreat.  For details and information, go here: http://faithpromise.org/events

Celebrating 15 Years: 20/20 Vision

20/20 Vision

1. Where will you be with God in 10 years?

2. Read Acts 2. How is Faith Promise being an “Acts 2” church? Are you doing your part?

3. Which of the characteristics of the “Acts 2” church do you see in your group?

4. What is most difficult for you? To love the Lord your God with all your heart? With all your soul? With all your mind? With all your strength?

5. Share a recent experience when you showed love to a neighbor?

6. Faith Promise endeavors to be a church marked by grace where everyone is welcome and loved. What is one thing you will do this week to show grace and love to a neighbor?

Bible Reading Plan

Starting Monday, February 22, Faith Promise Church is going to begin a Bible reading plan that will take us through the New Testament twice and the Old Testament once.  If you didn’t receive a copy in the worship service, you can print out the PDF from here.

Celebrating 15 Years: Transformation


1. What was your introduction to Faith Promise?

2. How have you grown in your walk since joining Faith Promise?

3. Faith Promise’s vision includes seeing the 354,000 unchurched and dechurched in the surrounding counties begin a relationship with Jesus. What is your vision for your life, your group, and your ministry?

4. Pastor Chris shared that your vision will guide your decisions, thus making decision-making easier. In what area of your life are you struggling right now? Do you have a clear vision for that area of your life?

5. Who has helped transform you and how did they help perform God’s work in your life? Who are you helping to transform?

6. Pastor Chris shared a thought by John Maxwell that the church will grow until the people determine the cost is too much. What does that mean? What are the costs for you?

7. Pastor Chris shared that a burden will lead to a vision, which will lead to a delight. Talk about that original burden and vision for Faith Promise which Terry duPont spoke about last week. What are your experiences with living out that vision?