Jamaica – Day Three

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Today is our third day in Jamaica but it is our first day working alongside the residents. We started our day off today by dividing into teams to start working on various projects. One team went to the Knock Patrick school to start the process of planting coffee trees for Deaf Can. Others worked on finishing cement detailing, clearing rocks from the soon to be landscape, and sprucing up an apartment for one of the families to move into soon. It was hard work but God provided clouds to occasionally shade us and held back the rain storm until we were done! read more

Don’t Miss This Weekend!

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Hello Promisors,

Throughout our Storytellers series, I have been thrilled to hear from many of you who have shared your own stories with people who desperately needed to hear them. Wow! Thank you for being obedient to our Lord’s command in telling others how He has forever changed your lives and how He can do the same for them. read more