A Full Day’s Work – Jamaica Day 4

Wednesday was all about manual labor! We painted bathrooms and gates, sanded walls, and cut, hammered, and bent rebar to make cement columns for some new houses. JDV is growing and the houses will provide additional room for the growing families that live and work here.

In the afternoon we visited a children’s home. Unlike the United States, when a child enters the foster care system here, they live in a group home until they potentially can return to live with family. The Windsor Lodge houses 56 children ages 3-18.

Tomorrow we will finish our work projects and then head to the infirmary to visit patients.


Deaf Can! Coffee – Jamaica Day 3

Today our team met an amazing young man by the name of Javaughny Dawes. He shared with us a presentation of Deaf Can! Coffee which began from a boys bible study learning how to roast coffee and turned into to a coffee ministry proving that the Deaf can do anything.

Often the Deaf community is viewed as “less than” because of their hearing loss. They believe that “deaf gain” so much more when they are understood.  The store we visited is one of eight stores, including one in the US Embassy. The store’s name is E3 because they Engage, Equip, and Empower the Deaf community.

Tomorrow we will work around the Jamaican Deaf Village with a variety of projects and will then travel to the Mandeville Children’s Home.

It has been an amazing 3 days here and we cannot wait to see what God has for us tomorrow.


Buenos Dias de Honduras – Day 2

Good morning from Honduras or Buenos Dias de Honduras.

The morning started with Don giving the daily devotion. Don discussed how we should walk with God and explained that if we don’t that this is where sin can creep in. He used cards to illustrate his lesson and did a great job; he is quite the magician.

We then left for the Home of Hope to meet the 8 beautiful little girls that live there. We spent about 2 hours there sharing gifts and Roger became an instant hit when he pulled out the play dough and started molding animals. The girls at Home of Hope are very precious!

After spending time at Home of Hope we traveled back for lunch and then went to visit the local hospital.  Once there we divided into two teams with the ladies visiting women and kids and the men visiting the men.  We spent over an hour there praying and loving on the patients. The hospital we visited is run differently from hospitals in the states. There is no air conditioning and the patients have to bring their own sheets and food to the hospital. Once they are seen by the doctor their families  have to go and purchase any necessary medications and medical supplies. This made us appreciate the luxuries we have in the states that much more.

Our team was impressed with the openness of the people that we met. We spoke to them individually and they were all very receptive to us being there. A highlight was praying with a family of 5 brothers and one sister. It was a powerful prayer circle. As we came back through they stopped us again and asked us to pray over them so that their family relationship would also be restored.

When we finished at the hospital, Pamela took us to the plaza to for a little local site seeing.

It was a great time and everyone in our group is truly being richly blessed.

Honduras – Here We Come!

This week a small group from Faith Promise has traveled together to serve alongside our missions partner, Open Eyes Ministries, as they share the Gospel in Central America.

The trip started off well and one couple on the team even got upgraded to first class seating on the flights down, giving them plenty of leg room.

We look forward to sharing updates with you while the team actively engages as Jesus’ hands, feet and voice, spreading the Gospel through evangelism while serving in Honduras.

A visit to Knockpatrick – Jamaica Day 2

Today in Jamaica we worked hard in Knockpatrick! We had fellowship with some of the 71 students at the KP School for the Deaf. Then the team planted over 50 coffee trees with a team from Indiana. We actually finished planting the entire field. The first and last rows of coffee trees were planted by two different FPC teams! In two years the trees will start harvesting and we will make sure we get some of that coffee at our Missions Spots!

Tomorrow we head to Deaf Can Coffee in Kingsport. This is an amazing ministry where we see coffee that was planted, grown, harvested, roasted, and served 100% by the Jamaican Deaf Community. The best part is that we will hang out with another team from Atlanta. Ministry is best when shared with other churches around the country and the globe.

Thank you all for your prayers for the team on this trip. We ask that you continue to pray for our mission in the Deaf Community. The Deaf population around the world are the most unreached people group (which means they have the lowest chance of ever hearing the Gospel). We have been so blessed to partner with The Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf and The Jamaican Deaf Village to carry out God’s will here in Jamaica.


Family Missions

This is a BUSY week here in fpmissions! Please join us in praying for this incredible team of 18, currently serving with Back2Back Ministries in Monterrey, Mexico. May the power of the Holy Spirit be with them as they minister to orphans and vulnerable children. This team spent countless hours practicing and learning Spanish leading up to their departure date. We cannot wait to follow them along on their journey this week.