Love is ___. Week 3 – Discussion Questions

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Love is selfless.


What is your favorite love story or romantic movie?


This Valentine’s weekend Pastor Chris discussed the selfless nature of Biblical love. The world paints a picture of love that can set us up for disaster. If we believe that finding love is all about us and fulfilling our own needs, then our relationships will be doomed to fail. God created love, intimacy, sex, and marriage. If we want to live “happily ever after” we should follow His instructions for love. read more

New Series Begins This Weekend!

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Love Is-tall

Hello Promisors,

We have just concluded one of the most impactful series we have ever done here at FPC. I greatly appreciate all the encouraging comments and emails from so many of you regarding the Without messages and book as you have shared how God has worked and moved in your hearts and minds. This has been a life-transforming month for our church family and a tremendous start to 2016! Please finish up each Homologia, keep working your Personal Growth Plans, and delve into the daily Bible readings as we continue through the year in our Faith Journey, seeking the heart of God together as one body! read more