Love Starts Here!

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Hello Faith Promise,

Our new sermon series, Love Starts Here, begins on November 21-22. This series has a missions emphasis and focuses on the FPC family taking our faith and putting it into action outside the walls of our campus buildings. During the next month our Groups Ministry is having a serving alignment, with every group serving someone or somewhere during the holidays. This weekend we will also be giving out Missions Advent Calendars to everyone at all locations to use as a tool over the next month. Each Sunday the calendars have devotionals celebrating the Christmas season, and every other day there is information about our Local and Global mission partners, ideas for serving as an individual or family, and specific ways to pray. read more

Sacrifice Week 4 – Discussion Questions

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Our obedience to God in offerings prompts thanksgiving among those who benefit from our giving.


There is an organization in town that everyone wants to be a part of–all the most successful people and those who are social leaders are members. Then, unexpectedly, you are invited to join. As part of becoming a member, you are expected to pay dues. Then you are told you must give X hours of service weekly. Is membership still as attractive? read more