The Worst Day Ever

The Worst Day Ever

1. What does Easter mean to you?

2. How are you like the disciples who hid and grieved after the death of Jesus?

3. Have you buried a dream? Explain.

4. Is your life lived more in Saturday (defeat) or in Sunday (victory)? How do we begin to live daily in a victory mindset?

5. Pastor Chris spoke of a woman who was desperate to get to Jesus. How desperate are you?

Sharing Sacred Storm: Final Exam

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Do you know the truth?  It’s waiting for you, but you must seek it.  Go to to find out more.

Stocks and Bonds: Two Minute Warning

Two Minute Warning

1. Are you following Jesus or are you trying to convince him to follow you?

2. Name one person you know who doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus. What will you do this week to influence their next steps?

3. The “day of grace” will end. How does that make you feel?

4. We are told to work until the return of Christ, what are you doing?

5. Pastor Chris showed a clip of kids running into the arms of their fathers, much like God is waiting for people to return to him. How does that make you feel?

Gauntlet 2010

Are you in Middle School, or do you have Middle School students? Check this out:


Church-Wide Fast

Pastor Chris has called Faith Promise Church to a week-long fast beginning Thursday morning, March 18, and continuing till Wednesday evening on March 24.  Alternatively, some people may opt to begin their fast on Friday morning, March 19, instead, and then break the fast on Thursday evening after the first production of Sacred Storm March 25.

The focus of this fast is primarily to pray for people in this city and throughout the United States who will come into contact with the message of Jesus Christ through our Sacred Storm and Easter services – both here on our Pellissippi Campus and our Internet Campus.  Pray that God will bring transformation to people’s lives – shining the truth of His Word, breaking through the darkness, and setting people free.

What exactly do you mean by fasting?

In the life of the Christian, fasting is giving up something as an act of devotion to Jesus.  Most generally, fasting involves giving up all food and only drinking water or juice for the duration of the fast, but some people will choose a variation of this – eating no solid foods, eating only fruits and vegetables, or giving up a particular kind of food for the duration of the fast.

Fasting is a spiritual discipline that every believer should have in their lives.  Jesus did not say “if you fast.” He said “when you fast.” (Matthew 6:16)

How can I keep from thinking about food all the time?

During the first few days of the fast, it’s natural to think about food more often than normal.  Your body will tell you that you’re starving to death, but you’re not.  Instead, you’re breaking the patterns of eating that your body is accustomed to.  Try to use these hunger pains as an opportunity to focus your mind and attention back toward God.

Each time you find yourself absentmindedly thinking of food, make the conscious decision to remember God and pray to Him.

Isn’t it wrong to let people know that you’re fasting?

Jesus clearly warned people against drawing attention to themselves when fasting (Matthew 6:1-18), so we must be careful as individuals not to try to impress people through our actions; we’re doing this for God, not for people.  Even still, there are many times throughout Scripture when God called groups of people to fast collectively – together demonstrating their dependence on God.

For more information, click here.

Sacred Storm & Mystery of the Empty Tomb


Sacred Storm is an ongoing graphic dramatization of the invisible battle that surrounds each one of us. Sacred Storm: Final Exam highlights one person’s struggle to find truth on a college campus.

Productions will take place March 25-28, and all times on Saturday and Sunday will be broadcast online.  For more information, times and directions, visit

During all Sacred Storm service times, our children’s ministry will present “The Mystery of the Empty Tomb.”  For more information, check out