Home Invasion, Sacred Storm

This weekend, Faith Promise Church will offer five performances of Home Invasion, Sacred Storm.  This production depicts the spiritual forces at work in the life of a typical family.

Invite a friend, join us, and consider the unseen world that surrounds us each day.


For more information, visit sacredstorm.org

Personal Growth Plan

Personal Growth Plan

Isn’t it interesting that in a world so focused on improvement and performance, few people have specific plans and goals regarding their spiritual development?  The following pdf is a worksheet taken from Pastor Chris’s book The Climb of Your Life.  It’s a helpful place to start as you prayerfully consider your spiritual growth.

Personal Growth Plan (pdf)

For more information about spiritual growth, check out the current sermon series or purchase a copy of Pastor Chris’s book here.

So Much Work Left to Do

Outreach Magazine - Top 100 Churches

This post was written by Josh Whitehead (joshwhitehead.net), Executive Pastor at Faith Promise Church.

This month Outreach Magazine lists the top 100 Fastest Growing Church and the 100 Largest Churches in America.

It truly is humbling and an honor to have Faith Promise on the list of fasting growing churches in America. We have been a part of something special that is all about Him. And even though we were on the list, there is so much work left to do:

  • There are still 350,000+ people that do not know Christ or attend a church in the areas surrounding our church. That would fill Neyland Stadium 3.5 times.
  • Many people in our area do not believe that the church cares for them.
  • Our great city has a problem with continued chronic homelessness.
  • Hundreds of churches are struggling to exist, and we need to pray for them.

The strength of FPC is the “come as you are” culture. Our church continues to grow in diversity on every level. But as Craig Groeschel said, “We are still just a micro-church” when you consider all of the people that need Christ in our area. We have not arrived, we have just begun. The future is going to blow you away!

So, pray that God’s anointing stays on His church and His people. And, pray that we keep a culture that allows people from every background to worship and grow together in Him.