Weather Update

All on-campus services & events have been canceled for this weekend, but we prerecorded the message on Thursday and will broadcast it via our Internet Campus at the following times:

Saturday, January 30th

5:30 pm
7:00 pm

Sunday, January 31st

8:30 am
10:00 am
11:45 am
9:00 pm

Help us spread the word, and join us online for church this weekend!

Inclement Weather & Weekend Worship

Dear Faith Promise Family,

In view of the predicted ice and snow storm for Friday and Saturday of this week, I wanted to let everyone know of some ways to stay informed regarding any changes or cancellations to our weekend worship schedule:

  • The home page of our church website,
  • WBIR & WATE post church cancellations and delays. Our information will be sent to them as well.

I would also like to remind you that even if our services are canceled, you may still connect via our Internet Campus, and you can always contribute online. Our online giving continues to increase, and we appreciate your faithfulness in furthering God’s Kingdom through Faith Promise Church as you give.

I am praying for a great weekend as we conclude our series, What’s In Your Closet? You won’t want to miss it as we look into God’s Word and learn how to “put on our dancing clothes.”


Pastor Chris

P.S. Our Internet Campus will be up and running regardless of the weather. Check it out at 10:00 or 11:45 am, or 9:00 pm.

What’s In Your Closet: Get Changed

Get Changed

1. What is in your closet that needs to be thrown out, not just reorganized?

2. Pastor Chris said, “Most of us desire the things God gives more than the God who gives.” Which of the two do you desire the most? How easy is it to deceive ourselves into thinking we are seeking God when we really are not? How do we learn to tell the difference?

3. What is one thing that has recently happened in your life that can only be explained by the power of the Holy Spirit?

4. Are there circumstances in your life where you place the blame on others rather than taking responsibility?

5. Pastor Chris used the illustration of God as a puppeteer. What string are you trying to control – marriage, family, time, finances, career – rather than allowing God to control?

6. What is one thing you can do this week to make room for the Holy Spirit to rule your life?

What’s In Your Closet: Dressed for Success

Dressed for Success

1. For what are you asking God in 2010?

2. Share a time when your spiritual confidence and faith were not big enough.

3. Share a time when your spiritual faith endured despite your circumstances.

4. Which of the FPC 2009 goals were you most surprised we met?

5. Do you have a spiritual growth plan or spiritual goals for 2010?