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What’s In Your Closet: Dressed for Success

Dressed for Success 1. For what are you asking God in 2010? 2. Share a time when your spiritual confidence and faith were not big enough. 3. Share a time when your spiritual faith endured despite your circumstances. 4. Which of the FPC 2009 goals were you most surprised we met? 5. Do you have […]

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What’s In Your Closet: What Not To Wear

What Not To Wear 1. Colossians 3:8 lists things we need to “put off”. Which of these characteristics do you need take off and throw out of your closet? 2. Colossians 3:10 talks of putting on “the new self”. For what “new” thing will you be known in 2010? 3. As we strive to “put […]

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Live CD Recording – Streamed Live

You are invited to be part of a LIVE CD recording on Wednesday, January 13 at 6:30 pm. We will reveal the Top Ten Songs of 2009 and record a LIVE CD of those songs. If you’re unable to attend in person, we’ll be streaming the service live on our Internet Campus at Help […]

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