Fun House Series Begins on July 13-14!

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Fun House

Hello FPC Family,

This coming weekend we will begin a timely new sermon series on Spiritual Warfare called, Fun House. Every day we can see how the Enemy uses culture as his mega weapon to twist our perception of what is right or wrong. Much like looking into a mirror in a fun house, our view of what God says has been stretched and distorted over time. It is so easy to get sucked in and be consumed by the world around us, but Jesus tells us in John 16:33 to take courage for He has overcome the world! You won’t want to miss any of the messages during this four-week series as we learn how to make our Savior the true center of all we do. And as vacation season continues, remember you can still worship with us online through our Internet Campus. read more

Parent Connection – fpStudents

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As we set out on this new series entitled Three Blind Mice, we want to thank you for making your children’s spiritual development a priority. The main idea of this series is to help the students understand that wisdom is not knowledge, deeds, or anything else which we attempt to do, but wisdom is seeking the face of God in every aspect of our lives. Proverbs 1:20-23 gives us a very clear picture in regards to God’s desire to show his self to us and take us from being unwise to wise. We want to encourage you to spend some time with your students discussing what it means to be wise in their faith. Also, as you discuss with your student, take a look at Luke 10:28-32, in this story Jesus comes into the house of Mary and Martha, upon his arrival Mary and Martha made two distinctly different decisions. Mary, chose to sit with Jesus, and simply be in his presence, Martha on the other hand, was in the kitchen making herself busy preparing a feast for Jesus. When she realized that Mary was simply sitting with Jesus, she asked Jesus to tell her to come and help her. What Jesus actually wanted was for them to simply be in his presence. We as Christians, so often make the same mistake, we spend our time checking off boxes, rather than seeking the face of the father. read more