April Update from Pastor Chris

Way to go Promisors!

God is definitely doing something new in the life of Faith Promise. As March ended and April began, we experienced one of the best Easter weekends in our history with with over 17,000 people across all our campuses, leading to 163 baptisms (and still counting), and untold more lives affected in ways we will see for years to come.

We continue to see more and more people Get In Groups, with over five hundred Promisors connecting (some for the first time) in groups throughout the first quarter of 2018. Thank you for your courage and obedience to experience God’s new rivers of provision and new roads of vision in following Jesus and leading others to do the same.

Last weekend we began Like a Boss – accepting God’s promotion to move to the corner office of contentment in our finances and every other area of our lives together. Because at Faith Promise, We put God first and give generously.

And because of our commitments in January to Get In on Generosity, we will encourage everyone in two weekends to take their next step in generosity by trusting God in whole new way. So, make sure to Get In the Weekend and be here for the final weekend of Like a Boss.

Finally, thanks to your faithfulness and generosity, Faith Promise finalized the purchase of our North Knox Campus facilities and property and now are positioned to help real people with real problems find real love in one of the most densely populated areas in all of Knoxville.

No matter what’s your next step – you can do it! I pray for and believe in every Promisor. Let’s keep getting in and getting on His new rivers of provision and roads of vision this year!

Love you, and see you this weekend!


Join our staff for two days of leadership inspiration at this year’s GLS at our North Knox, Blount, and Pellissippi Campuses. Register now.

$69 before April 23, 2018
$89 from April 24 to June 26
$119 on or after June 27, 2018

Our New Series, 500 Reasons, Begins This Weekend!

Wow Promisors,

What an incredible month February was in the life of Faith Promise! We kicked it off with another incredible Sunday Showdown! Then, we launched into This Is Group and started 83 new groups and connected 712 new people into community. We grow together and are getting in and getting on God’s New Rivers and New Roads.

Don’t miss out on something new God is doing in our disciple-making communities.

The world is not getting darker, believers are getting dimmer. But we refuse to dim! And fpStudents led the way in flipping the switch in Fusion 2018 – with over 1,000 students and leaders becoming brighter lights, resulting in 40 baptisms already.

And somehow, March is looking even brighter, as we move into an entire month of preparation for Easter at Faith Promise. Throughout this month, we will challenge Promisors with 500 Reasons to Get Others In and invite everyone they know or meet to join them for Easter weekend. I am praying for 20,000 people, 500 baptisms THAT weekend, and for God to continue doing something new in the lives of every Promisor.

Remember that whatever we face as a church, our first and only response is to love and serve and help real people with real problems find the real love of Jesus Christ.

Finally, let me challenge you to take your next step this month:

Get In the Water and acknowledge God publicly in baptism,

Get In the Word and begin a devotional time with the Lord in the Bible,

Get In the Weekend and begin making Faith Promise weekends a priority,

Get In A Group and join the disciple-making community,

Get In a Ministry and begin using your gifts to serve others,

Get In on Generosity and begin giving, tithing, or preparing for Heart for the

Harvest this fall,

or Get Others In by bringing people to Easter at Faith Promise.

No matter what’s your next step – you can do it! I pray for and believe in every Promisor. Let’s keep getting in and getting on His new rivers of provision and roads of vision this year!

Love you and see you this weekend!


Heart for the Harvest Offering Weekend

From the Pen and Heart of the Pastor,

Promisors, it’s finally here – Heart for the Harvest Offering Weekend! I hope you are as excited as I am for a weekend that will impact real people and real problems in communities here in Tennessee and around the world.

To those who have been fasting and praying, thank you for your heart of commitment and expectation. Please continue to pray for an incredible move of God in the lives and hearts of all the people of every Faith Promise campus as we give together.

This weekend will be a unique experience in three parts:

First, we will give our Heart for the Harvest offerings in worship, then we have set aside some special time to pray for problems and pain and for any one in need of deliverance or freedom. Finally, we will gather around the Lord’s Table and take Communion together as we remember what Jesus did for us and recognize what He is calling us to do in response to His incredible demonstration of sacrifice and love.

If are unable to attend this weekend or would like to give your H4H offering online, please do so here.

This weekend will be another off-the-charts moment for Faith Promise Church. Looking forward to seeing you and what God will do this weekend at all our campuses!

Love ya,


P.S. Remember that this weekend Daylight saving time ends, so please set your clocks back an hour on Saturday night.

Don’t Miss This Weekend!

Hello Promisors,

Throughout our Storytellers series, I have been thrilled to hear from many of you who have shared your own stories with people who desperately needed to hear them. Wow! Thank you for being obedient to our Lord’s command in telling others how He has forever changed your lives and how He can do the same for them.

I believe this weekend will be one of the most important weekends in the life of our church, so please don’t miss it! I believe God will move in a supernatural way at all our campuses as we bring our lost friends and family with us to experience the love of our Savior.  I will be sharing my story of life change, and I ask you to join me in praying that those you invite will be drawn to come and hear how to have the peace and hope that can only come from Jesus!

We will have spontaneous baptisms at all our locations this weekend, so please pray that not only will those who are saved this weekend respond, but many others who have never taken that next step in their walk with our Heavenly Father will also.

Let’s keep pushing on – praying, sharing, inviting, and bringing the unchurched to experience the Greatest Story ever told! See you this weekend with the lost by your side!




Storytellers Series Begins This Weekend

Hello Promisors,

As we turn the page into fall, Faith Promise opens a life-transforming new series called, Storytellers. This four-week Group Alignment series begins September 9-10 and is designed to challenge each of us to tell our story and God’s story to the people where we live, work, study, shop, and play. Throughout Storytellers, we will equip and empower you to “uncomplicate” the conversation of sharing the gospel. In Romans 10:14 we read,

“How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher?”

Join us each weekend as we look at how to obediently follow God’s command of sharing His Good News to those in our circles of influence.

For those of you who may not be familiar with an alignment, this is when the weekend messages are used in our Groups for deeper discussion and study.  If you are not already in a group, I encourage you to try one out this month so that you can get all that God has for you during this series.

There will be something special available for you in each service at all our campuses this weekend, so don’t miss out!

I love you and pray for you daily.




End Game Series Begins August 19-20

Hello Promisors,

As we all prayerfully reflect on the recent tragic events in Charlottesville, our hearts are broken for our nation. Hate is simply not acceptable in God’s eyes. Racism offends His perfect love, and violence will never be tolerated by Him or His Church.

Sadly, it is far too common for news and social media to be filled with division, hate, racism, violence, death and destruction. None of these real-life problems are God’s will or desire for your life or this world.

God’s endgame for your life is victory!

Ephesians 6:11-12 says, “Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

This week, wherever your walk takes you, stand firm, Promisors, for we must see the world with His Eyes, and recognize the spiritual. We are not here to build a kingdom of this culture, but to welcome in His Heavenly Kingdom of reconciliation and restoration for everyone.

This weekend in our sermon series, End Game, we begin a month-long look examining the reality of spiritual warfare through the lens of a chess game. In the second week of this series we will show a Faith Promise original short film as part of the message to help everyone better see the spiritual war happening all around us. As we zero in on this dark battle, let’s never forget that we’ve been given brightly burning hearts, ignited by our Lord Jesus Christ, to illuminate everyone with His great love and forgiveness!

Pray for Charlottesville; pray for the Knoxville area; pray for the United States; and beg God for a mighty move of His Church to begin healing our broken world and communities. Let’s walk in victory in the physical and spiritual worlds we encounter every day. Let’s help real people with real problems find real love!

I love you and look forward to seeing you this weekend.

Your Pastor