Fasting Is More Than A Diet

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fasting 2

Fasting means many things to many people. For some it could be a set time of no food/bland food. For others it could just be a nice time to start dieting…thinking “ehhh, I could afford to lose a few pounds”. But for me, fasting means something so much more than eating different foods or hitting my goal weight. read more

Power of Corporate Prayer

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Corporate Prayer

I submit to you that basically Acts 4 is an account of A PRAYING CHURCH. In Verses 23-31, Luke records the epitaph of A CHURCH AT PRAYER. The pattern that we find in the early church is that they prayed and prayed often! I believe with all my heart it is time for us to enter into the Spirit of Corporate Prayer, to rediscover the power of prayer. Just as individuals are to pray, we are to pray as a church body. read more

40 Days…Really???

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40 days is a long time! That was my first thought… As we began talking about 40 days of prayer & fasting and I began spending some time thinking about what that looks like, what does that mean, what am I to focus on for that long??? God began to reveal things in my life and even dump new “opportunities” in my lap that definitely need prayer and fasting coverage.  So as we begin these focused days, I encourage you to Stop and Listen. For many of us, we never slow down long enough to hear God and what He is saying to us or even asking of us.  I speak from experience; God will get our attention one way or another.  My encouragement to all of us is to not compromise listening and waiting on God for the sake of getting the next thing accomplished. read more

Adventurous Faith

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(written by John Adams, Blount Campus Worship Leader) I have a very adventurous spirit.  I love trying new things and having new experiences.  This works perfectly in the relationship I have with my wife because she loves capturing memories through photography and scrapbooking.  Food is something I especially love trying new things with.  New restaurants, new recipes… I remember the first time a friend took me to a Jamaican restaurant, Wow!!! read more